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Why the Bone Marrow Transplant didn't happen.

Is there a graphic artist out there who can make me a Linux "Tux" who looks old and distinguished?  I picture mostly bald but with a ruff of white hair, around the back and sides.
This is on the theme of "emeritus", you my know some, those guys who have retired already but still come to work every day and sit at the same desk doing the same work, they don't get paid, but they don't have to go to any of the meetings.

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In medicine, boring is good.  Being so boring that you can't see a specialist for 3 months is great.  When you have a head CT scan, and collect a neurologist in the same day, you know you have become way too interesting.
They found an active (is that the right word?) subdural haematoma yesterday (top right back octant).
We have 3 paths ahead of us, with a head CT scan very day:
The sub-dural haematoma will get bigger, and hurt alot and I will die.
The sub-dural haematoma will stay the same size, breathing room.
The subdural-haematoma will get smaller, yay!
And, of course, all the previous stuff could also go wrong.
So, on balance, I am confident that most paths take me to the bone marrow transplant.
I accept that this sub-dural haematoma has happened.
It will take longer for me to see it as a gift.

Can some kind person point me to a C11 Rationale document?  (My google foo is failing me.)  I want to know why anyone thought quick_exit was a good idea.

New release of libexplain uploaded last night.

We had the first appointment with the bone marrow transplant doctor today.  I am a BMT candidate.  Yes!  The survival/mortality statistics for his team are much better than my general research indicated.  This is the beginning of the process, with a long way to go yet. When: no idea, some time in the next few months.  Also, a big "thank you" to the Leukaemia Foundation for providing a car and a driver, it made a difficult day much easier.

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Perceptions of Strength

Just got today's blood test results: Haemoglobin 78, Neutrophils 0.12, Platelets 6.

The platelets explain why I keep bleeding all spontaneous like.

The haemoglobin explains why it's taking so long to assemble the gertboard for the r-pi: I only have half a brain.  I'm carefully following the instructions, and ticking each part off as I go.  The impressive thing about the gertboard is that you can download a bunch of OSS programs that help you test each section of the board.  Testing: it's gone from the bizarre to the bazaar.

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I think we are confusing the christians.  The word "evolution" has multiple meanings, most of which are the result of human actions.  Because some of the christians want to credit biological evoloution to god they latch onto one of the other meanings of evolution, and obviously after that you have the intelligent design cognitive dissonance.
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