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“Quit Tasmania believes this is due to a comprehensive tobacco-control strategy with effective strategies for reducing tobacco use among adolescents, including tobacco price increases, plain packaging, ongoing mass media campaigns and increasing smoke-free areas,” Ms Smith said.

Erm, no. Those punitive strategies have failed for years.

What Quit Tas, Governments and the media refuse to acknowledge, and give due credit to, is the uptake in e-cig (vaping) use.

It isn't smoke, contains zero carbon-monoxide, is virtually harmless and a proven aid to smoking cessation.

Nobody wants to address the elephant in the room because it threatens: juicy excise, demonisation of smokers and the very existence of Quit lobbies.
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I'm taking a break from YT-G+ world for a while. The events of the last few weeks have been a major distraction and I don't want to become embroiled in others personality clashes.

The thing to remember is: everyone is entitled to their opinions. Trying to force someone to your way of thinking has a name. It's called tyranny.
That is something all genuine people should be fighting, not each other.

Forcing people to choose a side in a simplistic binary argument does us all a disservice; for whatever side is chosen, they are damned. Each faction will still maintain the other is entrenched in groupthink.
And they're right. Ergo, both are damned.

When I return, hopefully the dust will have settled and we can get back to fruitful exchanges of ideas and good humour, in a positive fashion.
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