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Fall Planning- NIC
As a Networked Improvement Community we really struggled to find a time to do a virtual meeting for an hour before the end of the year- so we are NOT planning on meeting until fall.

As a team we felt it was very important that all members be present to provide input into the Theory of Action as well as build a community. In light of the importance of meeting face to face, please put the following dates and times on your calendar for the Networked Improvement Community.

September 28th Face to Face 9am-3pm Cedar Falls
February 1st- Time TBA
April 27th - Time TBA

Thank you to those members who completed Activity 1- Understand the Problem! If you haven't had a chance to do so, please complete this activity sometime before September 28th. Your instructional tech will be in contact with you once the school year gets going to help address any questions or concerns- and provide any support.

Have a great rest of the school year and an EVEN better summer! Kay 

Follow-Up! Hello everyone! Thank you for completing the poll. In reviewing the responses and visiting with the team, we really felt that it was important to have everyone available (or at least represented) at this follow-up meeting. Please go ahead and take May 2nd off your calendar. The team along with REL will provide us with some tools that we can work on asynchronously in order to make the follow up meeting beneficial and provide us with some direction.

In the meantime, we are hoping to take advantage of those dates at the end of the year where you may not have students. Please reply to this post those dates and times at the end of the year where you would be available for a one hour follow-up with other members of the Networked Improvement Community. Thank you! 

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Thank you again for your participation in last week's Root Cause Analysis meeting! The meeting summary provides an overview of the discussions and prior to the next meeting of the NIC, I wanted to outline our next steps:

Meeting Summary-

1. Feedback Survey. To help inform future meetings, please complete a short survey (5 min) to let us know what worked/what didn't for the meeting. We have to use the same feedback survey for a lot of different events so some of the questions may not apply to the April 11 meeting. Please skip those or select "Not Applicable" and complete the survey by Tuesday, April 25.

2. Review/Revise Fishbone Diagram. The completed fishbone diagram is available on the Google Drive for review/revision:
Please take a few minutes to review the draft and make any edits you think are needed to either (1) better reflect the conversation or (2) correct any errors. We also need some volunteers to complete the fishbone for "Direction" so if you have ideas for that piece, please add them to the draft.

3. Informal Feedback from Colleagues. If you have a chance to run the draft fishbone diagram by colleagues to informally collect their thoughts/reactions that would be helpful in informing your "vote" for where the NIC will choose to explore.

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Networked Improvement Community Follow-Up - we would like to get everyone together virtually on May 2nd at 2:00pm. The purpose of this virtual meeting is to finalize our decision around the focus area (Time, Teacher Knowledge /Skills/PD/Strategies, Student Skills, Culture, or Direction). We would like to have as many members of the NIC Leadership team attend as possible. To help us plan and ensure that there is representation from each of the districts, please respond to the poll below if May 2nd at 2:00pm works for you. 
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Membership Roster - please make any updates changes to this document. Thank you! 

Resizing of elements- anyone else having problems expanding the size of embedded elements? e.g. an embedded PDF, I can only make so tall- I would like to see the entire document, but cannot expand it enough to see the entire document. Thank you! 

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Time Triggers? Anyone know what format should the date and time triggers need to be in? I click update time triggers and the blue Next is still dimmed. Thank you! 

Google Classroom- Spanish?
Anyone have some ideas on how to display Google Classroom in spanish? A student's Window's computer is set to Spanish, and the browser does show Spanish, yet Google classroom continues to display in English. Thanks! 

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Google Communities- error
Hey guys...getting this error message when trying to add additional members to a community. 99.9% they are new members of the group. Any ideas? Thanks!

Can’t invite people who are already members or aren’t allowed to join
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