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A Few Search Marketing Tips for the New Year
Get ahead of the competition by taking care of a few things while they are still snoozing. Auditing your web presence, updating what needs to be and identifying previous victories will help you go further this year.

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Increase the Return from Your Holiday Ads
If you are offering special promotions this holiday make sure your website matches. Based on your advertisements, consumers will do web searches... but are you ranking for these easy terms?

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Mobile Advertising is Crucial During the Holidays
Higher conversion rates at a lower cost make mobile advertising a fantastic investment with quick returns.

Desktop users take weeks to convert into shoppers and mobile usage during the holiday season is at a high. If you are missing out on #mobilemarketing  find out what you can be doing to change that.

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Mobile Friendly Means More Engagement
Your engagement on Google is directly impacted by mobile. Not only does Google penalize websites that are not mobile friendly, they give benefits to ones that are. Find out what has changed recently on Google for mobile searches.

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The Power of Engagement
Facebook will do a snowball effect once you have the proper engagement. Higher ratios of engaged followers increases visibility in the feed. We have 5 tips to help identify and get quality followers.

#socialmediatips   #facebookmarketing  

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Use the Google Mobile-Friendly Test
Find out how your website looks to the mobile Googlebot.

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Does your website rank for key parts of your ads?
Your marketing and advertisements are always under scrutiny of consumers. That is probably why most people will do a web search based on advertisements they see. But if your website is not showing up for these searches, you could be missing out.

Most often businesses will do email marketing and social media in house, but the promotions they are using do not match their website. Find out what this can mean to your sales.

#emailmarketing   #webdevelopment   #socialmedia  

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There are no masters at SEO but content will always be king. What does that even mean?! +Search Engine Land will tell you in this article about building an SEO strategy for 2015. Remember the user every step of the way in your marketing and you are sure to reap the benefits.

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Having Trouble Marketing Multiple Locations?
With so many ways available to benefit your local search rankings, knowing which ones to focus on will increase your chances of success. Find out what parts of your presence to manage first if you have multiple locations.


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What's Hidden in Your Social Media?
We process images 60,000 times faster than text. You may not be receiving the attention you deserve from the content you post on social media because of the pictures you are using...

Find out how you can easily create pictures for social media that will be engaging and yield likes, comments, plus shares.

#socialmediatips   #visualmarketing  
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