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If you're going to Photoshop World Vegas ( and you like concert photography, music, photography in general, chocolate, Vegas, chocolate or chocolate—you might get a kick out of this (archived) episode of The Pinterest Show! Tons of great insight and advice from +Alan Hess —one of the best (and coolest) concert photographers I know and still one my all time favorite episodes. :)

Alan will be shooting and Big Electric Cat ( will be performing again at the After Party and at the Concert Photography Precon so if you'll be there (and especially if we've interacted here on G+ or twitter @flygirlkpie) please come up and say hi—I LOVE friendly faces! ;)

+Alan Hess was our special guest with me, the fabulous Miss +Anna Nguyen and the artist Mr. +Jason Joseph! We just couldn't get enough of what Alan had to say about shooting concerts—Ninja Style! He even gave away a copy of his awesome book Night and Low Light Photography. (

Hope to see you in! ;)

Stuff in this episode...

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I love all of +Kalebra Kelby's stories!
It's 2:00 a.m. in the morning. Do you know where your Sushi is?

Because at 2:00 a.m. at our house this morning, our Sushi was attempting a “jail break!”

Sound asleep and Maggie the (tattletale) Wonder Dog goes off! Barking, barking, barking and running, back and forth, from my room to the family room. Ack! I stumble out of bed, grab my trusty flashlight and follow. When we get to the family room Maggie starts to circle and bark at a fevered pitch, so I fling on the lights and...

There's Sushi the Ninja Hamster frozen solid and staring back at me. Soooooo BUSTED! Hahaha!

Now, I can't say for certain whether Sushi was breaking out or actually returning from her nightly romp but I'm sure she and Maggie will be having a nice chat about that today. LOL!

And though I'm not crazy about being awoken by a screeching Maggie, the look on Sushi's face (frozen there) as she was discovered—was worth the price of sleepy admission—giggled myself right back to sleep.

Have a great day on this “Doh!” Tuesday. Hahahaha!!!! ;)

Shot with my trusty flashlight, er, I mean, iPhone.
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Hahaha, I think that is one story she will never tell,;)
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Missing a dear friend that I know enjoys this story (wrote a few years ago) so I thought I'd submit it today for #throwbackthursday  

I've always wanted to go Fly Fishing...until last night.

I was having dinner with my best friend, my good friend and my good friend's sister. Fabulous time with fabulous friends, great conversation and a fantastic meal (the two sisters cook like they should have their own show). Anyway, at one point during dinner, the “sister” started talking about her son the “guide.” You know one of these guys that takes people into the woods and streams and shows them the best places for hunting and fishing, etc. By his mothers' account a really interesting person with a really interesting job.

So I tell her that I have always wanted to go Fly Fishing! Actually kind of romanticized it in my mind. The beauty, the peace, the quiet stream, the “fly”... It is at this point the sister (mom) gets excited and wants to tell me all about Fly Fishing and why I should go with her son (guide)! 

Okay, I'm listening.

My first question was where does he guide? Answer: Montana! Great! Always wanted to go to Montana.

My second question was where would we stay? Answer: In a lodge. Great! Love lodges. So far things are going really well and I'm starting to get excited especially since my best friend just chimed in and said that she has also always wanted to go Fly Fishing and she's in! Yay! Fly Fishing in Montana with a known guide, staying at a lodge AND my best friend is going! We're rolling now. :)

Totally psyched I ask my third question: What gear do we need—what do we wear? Here's where it fell apart: 

She says: “Well you wear these rubber pants, well, not pants exactly more like cover alls.” Ok, I'm with you, I've seen those. What about shoes I ask? “Well, the rubber pants have footies in them and you just slide your feet through the rubber pants and into the water footies.” Okay, I say, guess the footies kind of keep you from slipping and falling over in your (what will now be referred to in the rest of the story as rubber Oompa Loompa pants). “Oh yes, she says: “You don't want to fall over or you'll drown! Your rubber Oompa Loompa pants will fill with water and you won't be able to get up.” Dear Lord! I never thought about drowning while Fly Fishing! Luckily, she then says: “Wait! There's a big, wide, belt thing you wear to keep your rubber Oompa Loompa pants tight around your waist so they can't fill with water.” A belt thing? “Yes a big belt thing. ”So I say: like a Lumber jack belt? And she says: “Yes, something like that.“ 

It is at this point my best friend asks: “Is the water really cold?”

“Oh God yes, she says, freezing! But don't worry, under your rubber Oompa Loompa pants you'll be wearing a body stocking type thing that is so tight it will keep the water away from your skin.”

What?! Let me get this straight—at this point in my romantic Fly Fishing adventure I am standing in a “freezing” stream in the equivalent of a Fly Fishing Spanx (for those of you that don't know what a Spanx is, it's basically a panty hose from Hell, on steroids, garment worn by some women to compress whatever it is they want to compress) covered in a rubber Oompa Loompa pant suit with footies that is being held together by a six foot Lumber jack belt?! At this point my very dear best friend who is looking at me in horror utters the words that eventually ended the night and my Fly Fishing dreams FOREVER!

She says: “Sounds expensive. Can we rent the gear?”

The sister (mom) says: “Oh yes, you can, don't want to do that.” So I say: Really? Why? 

Her answer was: “ see, some people pee in their rubber Oompa Loompa pants.”

What?! What?! I'm out! Out, out, out, out ,out!!!!

Not my image. :)
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This is one if my favorite story's,;)
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I keep going back to this shot (taken in Budapest a few weeks ago)—not completely sure why but then, I guess, it's just because...

I love looking through things. Doors, windows, halls, tunnels, rabbit holes— “Oh Alice.” Can you imagine the face of someone saying that to you? I picture my mom. I think she must feel that way towards me—a lot! Hahaha!

Good morning everyone and here's to adventure! May you seek it, may you find it and may you have a wise person, with you, to guide you through it. ;)

Budapest. Shot with my trusty iPhone.
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Thanks and you too +lynn hughes! 
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I just might have stumbled upon what Yittle's issue is with math. Fascinating. Well, to me anyway but I may need to call in some smartie pants like +Dave Bell to help. Hahaha! ;)

“Mommy, I don't get it.”

What don't you get Yittle?

“I don't understand when the math question asks you to take 10 from 25, which equals 15—right mommy?”

Right, Yittle. (By the way, she isn't even doing math homework when she asks this—just chillin in the chair next to me.)

“But then, in the same problem, it goes on to ask you to add 15 + 15, which equals 30—right mommy?”

Right, Yittle.

“Right, that confuses me.”

Well, which part confuses you? I know you understand that if you take away 10 from 25 you're left with 15, right?


I also know that you understand that 15 + 15 equals 30, right? (Hang on, haven't we been through this already? LOL!)


So what, exactly, is it that you don't understand (and why didn't I ask her that way before?!)

”I don't understand why they put those two problems together.”

Wait. Your problem isn't actually with the math but why they're asking the question?!

“Yes. Why are they asking it that way? Do you subtract and then add (a lot) mommy?”

OMG! A breakthrough!

Well, yes, there are many times in life when you might need to do that but it's usually add then subtract. Hahaha! ;)

Anyway...we had a little discussion about it but yikes—I hate to think she's been frustrated over the question and not over having to come up with the answer.

Wait. Maybe this is better. Oh no—now I'm confused! Hahahaha!!!

+Dave Bell Help!!! Hahahaha!
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Legend has it that her great, great, grandfather had been a protege and performed the violin in this very palace...

...long before he left for America and even before he met and fell in love with a beautiful, fiery artist—a woman not content to behave as it had been outlined for her by her father (a tough U.S. Marshall). A strict, disciplinarian who was not keen on his misbehaving daughter running around with a "mad violinist" from Austria.

Eventually, and as it tends to happen in these things, the Marshall got wind that the two had plans to marry. To make his point of just how strongly he disapproved, the Marshall had the love struck violinist thrown in jail and left strict orders that his daughter was not to visit the violinist without a chaperone.

Upon hearing the news, the Marshall's (broken) daughter went to the jail to say goodbye. Even letting her father know that she would be escorted by the local minister so that he needn't worry.

When the guard saw who was accompanying her, he thought nothing of letting her stand outside the prisoner's cell—even leaving the three of them alone to visit.

Which is exactly when she had the minister marry them! Hahaha!

I like that about her. ;)

As I sat in the audience (listening to the orchestra) I could see my great, great, grandparent's story unfold—playing out right in front of me and it was...magical.

My grandfather experienced much, suffered much and loved much through his music and as I left the performance (with a smile on my face and the sounds of violins in my heart) I couldn't help but hope that, somehow, they knew I had been there and that having heard the violins playing in the palace meant that I would always be able to hear them playing and that I would be holding them both a little closer.

The end. :)

Shot with my trusty (albeit a bit overwhelmed) iPhone.

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It must have been an awesome night 
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Recently returned from a trip to Prague and Budapest (that included my parents) and my dad forgot his camera, so he says to me...

“Well, you use your iPhone and I love your pictures! I'll just use your mother's phone on the trip. Better than nothing right?” (wink)


Fast forward to the two of us standing at the front of this beautiful church in Budapest.

Dad: (whispers) “Okay, I just stood next to you and took the same shot but it doesn't look like yours. Why?”

Me: (whispers) You didn't take the same shot. You took a shot—one that I knew (the second you picked up the camera) wasn't going to be what you wanted.

Dad: (not whispering as much and sounding a tad offended says) “What?! How could you know that?!”

Me: (suppressing a giggle) Because you were missing two things. Intention and a tip.

Dad: (actually, not whispering at all) “I definitely intended to take a good picture! Now, what's the tip?!”

Me: (poking the bear) I know you wanted a good picture dad but did you believe you could get it with that phone?

Dad: (now squinting) “Little girl.”

Me: (Uh oh!) Okay, okay! All I'm saying is...

I can always tell what kind of shot someone is going to get with their smartphone by how they pick it up to take the picture.

My dad's trouble started when he said, “Better than nothing right?”

Why intention matters.

I've never met a single photographer that picked up their camera to take a shot (they really, really wanted) that didn't pick it up with a swagger of confidence that their tool...ruled!

Wait. What?! Hahaha! (Moving right along.)

So dad, if you're going to use your smartphone to take pictures—own it! Once you go to take a picture with it, it's no longer your phone, it's a camera and, by the way, the absolute best camera you have at your disposal so treat it that way. 

Friends have heard me say that what's important is to examine your heart always because the spark of your true intentions will still be burning in the flames of your results. Turns out it's true for taking pictures as well. ;)

And the tip? 

When I want a wide shot I first turn on video, focus on the area I want and then take the picture. Because you took it in video mode the shot is wider. This is also a good trick for when you want something closer (without having to use the zoom—please, please, don't ever use the zoom on an iPhone.) LOL!

Dad: (smiling, whispers) “Now, was that so hard?”

Hahahahaha!! Nope. ;)

Matthias Church, Budapest  Shot with my trusty iPhone. 
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If anybody knows how to take a picture with there iPhone. It's this lady. And a lot of people are learning how by watching her work ,;)
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I absolutely love this shot!
My kind of rain. ;)

Shot with my trusty iPhone. 
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Sometimes, it's not just about you but about several others as well.

Some years back I found myself in a most undesirable (read as heart wrenching) experience—not to worry though, all is good now and it taught me a lot.

About how (in a single moment) a person can go from hopeless to hopeful to joyful.

About anger.

About resentment.

About strength.

About hope.

About people...and their depth...their deep, deep, fearful, hopeful, beautiful, beautiful depth.

To date, it was the clearest example of how—just when you think it's all about you—you can come to the very peaceful realization's just not. ;)

Long story short

I'm a mover. I like to go and I like to be engaged and exploring. My husband (often) compares me to a toddler. LOL!

So you can imagine that when I was told to leave a pregnancy checkup and go straight to the hospital I was a little more than taken aback. That's right—DO NOT PASS GO. DO NOT COLLECT $200 and as an added bonus I was told I wouldn't be able to get up and out of the hospital bed for three months—in other words—when Yittle was due and man—oh—man, did I feel like this was all about me! Hahaha!

However, there were so many lessons for me—through the lessons for others—so many stories to share from that one experience, that I need to share them one at a time. 


I need to preface by saying that nurses hold a special place in my heart. My experience with these unsung heroes is that they are kind, that they care deeply about their patients and are very knowledgable about their jobs. Oh, and sassy—in the best possible way. ;)

One such nurse was someone I wound up spending a lot of hours talking to and so one day (when I was down) she told me about the movie “Dragonfly.” Turns out that as a nurse on the “high risk” pregnancy floor (and a person that I know was concerned for me and the outcome of my pregnancy) she needed to constantly find ways to be hopeful. Somehow (years before and after a bad day on the floor) this movie gave her hope and lifted her spirits.

Eventually, we sat in my room one night and watched the movie together. She had gone out and rented it and she wanted me to see it, or she needed to see it again (I still wonder about that). Anyway, it was a beautiful movie and we watched it together—crying and holding each other's hand.

After that, when things got scary, she would come to me and (no matter what the doctor was saying) she would mouth “Dragonfly” to me and wink.

Before then, I had no idea that a wink had the power to stop a tear.

Fast forward to Christmas Eve (the day I was allowed to go home).

Yittle still had some time to bake but the doctor made the decision (for lots of reasons) that I could go home for the remaining weeks— If I swore to stay in bed!

Before I left, this nurse—this beautiful soul, came in and handed me a small box with a gift inside. The gift of this dragonfly pin. The gift of hope. The gift of friendship. The gift of caring. The gift of giving of yourself.

I took it home with me then and held it tight many times but this morning I rediscovered my dragonfly and so now, I'm offering it to you.

To any of you that need it. My Dragonfly of Hope.
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I noticed your notice of this notice. And it has been duly noted
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"I am seeking, I am striving, I am in it with all my heart." ~ Vincent Van Gogh
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