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Rob Johnson
Anglophile, Applephile, Musicphile, but no more philes!
Anglophile, Applephile, Musicphile, but no more philes!

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The more I think about it, the more I hope Apple doesn't go Samsung crazy on gimmicky new features going forward.  iOS is still eminently productive and usable.  Keep evolving at this point Apple peoples--you already sparked the revolution, now just stay ahead of everyone. :)

ok, so chrome, right?  i've been forcing myself to use chrome on all devices the past two weeks.  it's ok--the syncing is pretty advanced when it works.  however, why do i always have to re-login to my email account and other accounts?  i click the "stay logged in button" and nothing stays logged in.  very freaking annoying.  i can't find a setting that would mess this up--cookies enabled, etc.  is this to be expected in chrome?  if so, buh-bye. :)

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Would you come and brighten my corner?  A lit torch to the wood piled high!  Come find me now.  We'll hide out.  We'll speak in our secret tongues!!!!  (I saw this live last night and it was transcendent)

Google+ has improved--especially the mobile experience.  Nicely done.  

I'm so proud of the cofounder of my company, who I totally respect and share his passion for science.

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OMFG i was expecting to be underwhelmed with Lion. i'm, so far, overwhelmed.

i like where lion has headed. this feel is great. it's like the best of iOS combined with the best of Mac OS X. this is a smart move.

i always have contended, at least IMO, that the trackpad gestures on the mac are lamentably under-adored. they've taken the trackpad to the next level even. i don't know if most people will see or appreciate it, but i sure do because i love the trackpad.

also, a subtlety i've typing is autocorrecting like my iPhone. i love the iPhone autocorrection and always wanted it on my mac. it corrects my common typos as i'm typing!!!!

the contact list is gorgeous like the iPad now and iCal is updated to be even more beautiful. i can't believe it. every time i think apple is going to certainly drop the ball, they stun me with revolutionary improvements.

i'm loving lion so far and i thought i wouldn't. :)
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