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Absolutely ridiculous place. The outside is bright and clean, really reminiscent of the Aspen...right next door. Inside is dull and dim, and honestly, I've walked out of tattoo parlors on gut instinct for less. Was told my appointment was at 815, so as a new patient, I took it on myself to show up at 8, so that I could get paperwork done. Big mistake. I waited until after 9 to be called in. Spent 10 minutes, maybe 15, in the chair, saw the actual dentist for a grand total of like 4 of those minutes, and then was sent off to pay. When they took the impressions, they used my old top plate, which didn't fit me since it was the set I got when my teeth were pulled. I was told to come back at 230 to pick up my teeth. Asked them if I could come in at 330 or so instead, seeing as I live 30 miles out of town, and I don't have to be at work till 5, in Decatur, and at some point I need to sleep. Was told they wouldn't be there that late. After paying, I was made to wait in the waiting room for another hour +, before being told I could go home, just to make sure that they got the impressions done correctly. I come back at 215, and don't get called in until 315, only to find out that the teeth don't fit at all. If you get the 'basic' package, you don't get a try-in, they just make them and try to hand them off to you. Seeing as they were very obviously Not Right, they opted to take ANOTHER impression, this time using the bad set that didn't fit, so they could do a wax try in. Come back tomorrow morning at 930... Show up on time the next morning, and surprisingly get called right in. Except the wax try-in doesn't fit at all. Dr. Mays shows up, all sighs and frowns that I don't like how they fit, and finally sends them off to the tech for a few quick adjustments. half an hour sitting in the chair later listening to other people apologize to him for being in pain and needing him to adjust things for them, the wax try-in comes back, and fits perfectly. I ok'd it and was told to come back at 330. They learned from my displeasure the day before, I guess. Show up a few minutes late due to bad traffic from an accident, and they're not quite ready for me, but it's only a few minutes before I get called in. Only to try on the teeth, and they are Not Right. They don't actually fit, and with them in, I can't close my mouth, the teeth are entirely too big. Queue Dr. Mays again. Who apparently doesn't trust that I know how to put teeth in, and shoves them in my mouth with far more force than necessary, and then has to pry them out again because they're stuck. He proceeds to talk to one of his assistants like I'm not even there, telling her to 'give her a refund, I can't do this. I can't trust her to be honest with me about the fit. The try-in was fine.' Yea. The try-in was fine. This is not the same as the try-in. He gave up and called me a liar because I asked him to make a product that actually worked. I kept the bottom partial, and did adjustments on it myself, because I can't go around with no teeth, but even that was a fail on his part. He seems to be fine with you, until you ask him to back his product up and make it right. Then he gets upset and defensive and sends you away. I wasted 120 miles round trip over two days driving, countless hours sitting around waiting, when I work a 2nd/3rd shift job and really needed the sleep, only for him to turn me away because I was a problem patient. The only thing I have to show for it is a near unuseable lower partial, and sores and bruising on my upper gums and the inside of my lip where he forced the ill fitting teeth in, so I'm going without my old teeth as often as possible to give it a chance to heal with minimal irritation. Go to this man at your own risk, and beware!
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