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Glenn Wallis
Executive Coach and Coach Developer
Executive Coach and Coach Developer


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Save yourself some #Exec coaching fees ...

Make this improvement to your leadership approach and you'll be following the changes made by many of the world's top company execs that I have worked with ... 

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You can't give ownership...

... you can only hope to create opportunities for me to take it. #leadership  

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Leaders and coaches should find this really helpful (from today's blog post)...

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My transatlantic LinkedIn guru and music loving friend +Ed Han has written this for - makes for a good read. Have a look!

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Interesting profile for leaders of the here and now and the future ...

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Free research debate trundles on.

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Look better to hear better ...

In any conversation but especially a coaching/performance conversation being intent on listening well can be aided by observing well ... 

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Start now, don't wait. 

Opposing sayings ...

Many hands make light work vs Too many cooks spoil the broth

He who hesitates is lost vs look before you leap

A stitch in time saves nine vs more haste less speed.

Got one to share?

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You aren't being as helpful as you need to be if you don't ask the obvious

Too often managers seem to shy away from asking the one or two questions that will really help someone overcome obstacles to their own and the business' success ...
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