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I guess Google is punishing me for not being an active Google+ user . . . just give me my custom URL, dammit.

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Are your people the right people for getting the most out of your website? There's a good chance the answer is no. 

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Hi Mr. Leopold,

I'm a 32 year old, lifelong county resident who remembers seeing you waving to passing cars. I currently make a living managing websites for a big healthcare company in Columbia. I don't know what your budget is, but I can pretty much guarantee that I can generate enough savings and/or revenue in my first year to cover my salary if I were to be given enough authority to effect change.

Anyway, let me know if you're interested.


Tim Staines

P.S. Please update the Copyright date on the - it hasn't been 2008 for three years.

Hey Google, I'm down the road a few miles for a long weekend. Any way I could make my way onto campus at the Googleplex on short notice? Would love to see the joint first hand. Happy to write about the experience . . . With your permission obviously. Would love to push down those negative search results with a positive one ;) Anyway, +Danny Sullivan said I should try my luck over here, so that's what I'm doing.

P.S. Please save me from having to go do the Facebook tour!

Your Little SEO buddy,

Tim Staines

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From +Joe Hall this morning: - because I wouldn't want to put any of my own content on G+ ;)

I've hated facebook since before I was forced to give a shit about it "because I'm an Internet Marketer" - I hope Google+ wipes it's ass with facebook

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Google+ Do you hear that? F'ing facebook is beating your ass at something!
Just made a few edits to my latest blog post, in case you missed it this AM. Discusses ways in which Google+ Stream views could be improved upon.

Soooo, it's TPS report time at work. Luvin' it!

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If you're into training, you'll think this community mileage tracker is neat:
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