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Kalynn Amadio (The Boomer Gal)
Realistic Solutions + Unexpected Ideas
Realistic Solutions + Unexpected Ideas


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The sound from Yorktown NY is good on these first four tracks. Try The 4:44 and consider donating. You know how starving artists need support.

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Marriage and Family Relationship Rx with +Aaron Anderson on

#marriage   #family   #relationships  

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Short tutorial for #HOA users on how to share a video during your hangout. h/t +Craig Long 
How To share a Video on a live Hangout on Air using the YouTube app

None of this is official so I'll just get down to the facts of how this can be done:

1)  Load the Hangouts YouTube app on your Hangout on Air.
2)  Paste in the URL of the video you want to share.
3)  Press Enter on your keyboad and the video will play.
4)  Use the Hangouts Screenshare app to capture and broadcast the video to the entire world.
5)  Use "Stereo Mix" to capture the video sound by selecting it in the Hangouts sound settings or direct your computer's output sound into a mixer which is plugged into the computer line-in.  I would advise using the mixer method since you probably will have trouble changing  your sound settings in the middle of a Hangout.

The microphone automatically mutes itself when the player controls are operated. This extension ensures that the mic will always remain open:

I've also discovered that if you set the browser zoom to the lowest setting like 25% the player will become larger and easier to see by the audience.  This extension will help you easily do that:  

Pressing F11 on your keyboard will hide the browser toolbar. 

In your broadcast please remember to use only videos you own and only those that you have the rights to distribute.
Content ID matching on Live Streams and Hangouts on Air:

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Happy St. Patrick's Day G+

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Hide and Seek with the Google is not good for business.

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The Boom Doctors are Dr. Patti Britton and Dr. Robert Dunlap and they share how to keep your relationship hot, hot, hot even if you're over 50! Check 'em out.

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Thanks +Kelly Hungerford I'm looking forward to it!! #bizheroes  
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According the bureau of labor statistics, Millennials will be the largest generation in the workforce in 2015. Companies are scrambling to adapt business practices and culture as quickly as they can to accommodate them and marketers are scrambling just as fast to court them. But what about Boomers?

Tomorrow on #BizHeroes  we have +Kalynn Amadio with us as Tweet Guest to talk Entrepreneurship and the Benefits of Social Media to Your Business -- with a special Boomers focus!

Boomer, Xer or Millennial, there's knowledge to share and learn for all! 

Here are the Qs! 

Q1.  Why should local businesses worry about social media?
Q2.  Does social media really work or matter for Main Street *USA? (*Replace with your country here!)
Q3a. Why are so many boomer business owners ignoring social media?
Q3b. What's the impact of ignoring it?
Q4.  What's the biggest mistake boomers make in social media?
Q5.  How can local businesses coordinate social media & offline marketing?
Q6. Give us your rules-of-thumb for #boomers to get started in SM.
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