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This is a must see.

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Sadly, it looks like I have been too specific with my likes and dislikes on Pandora Radio. Basically everything I"m hearing these days is already on my Ipod. Where's the fun in that?

Two things that really bother me about Google+
1) Strange men, who I don't know, adding me to their circles.
2) Having every picture I take on my phone instantly uploaded to my Google+ account (even though no one can see them unless I share them... THIS REALLY BOTHERS ME!!!)

Can anything be done about these issues????

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I concur!
How I interpret my beverage options on an airplane

I really want to like Google+, but I think I must be missing something, cuz it's not really impressing me. Huh?

Oh my gosh! I can tell this s gonna take sometime for me to figure out.... LOL
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