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As this video shows, even if you are innocent and telling the truth, you should never talk to police. Speak with an attorney before you make statements that can damage your case.

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87% of employers conduct criminal background checks on at least some of their new hires. By expunging your criminal record in Indiana, you can legally report on job applications that you have never been convicted of a crime.

Call 765-742-8440 for a free initial consultation to learn more about expunging your criminal record in Lafayette, Fowler, Crawfordsville, and Frankfort.

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When prosecutors seek harsh sentences, retaining an experienced criminal attorney is your best defense. Some sobering statistics on counties where we regularly defend clients – on average, the following number of people are sent to prison for every 10,000 residents in each county:

Clinton County: 62.5 (+417% since 2006)
Tippecanoe County: 25 (+60% since 2006)
Montgomery County: 43.8 (+52% since 2006)
Boone County: 20.2 (+67% since 2006)

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University investigations into allegations of sexual harassment lack many of the safeguards for due process and transparency that are considered routine in criminal investigations. The accused student is at a fundamental disadvantage from the very beginning of the case. That's why this is our #1 blog that Purdue students should read: being investigated for sexual harassment is the most likely disciplinary action to result in suspension and expulsion.

A criminal defense attorney who has experience serving as a student advisor in sexual harassment investigations can help by advising students on how to protect their rights, prepare for the investigator’s meeting, and effectively present evidence and testimony at the panel hearing.

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When international students are charged with a crime, they may face deportation or becoming inadmissible to the United States. Our attorneys understand that mitigating immigration consequences is often the highest priority when representing international students.

As international students compose more than 20% of Purdue University's enrollment, #2 of our top blogs for college students explores what happens an international student is arrested.

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In 2012, the Indiana legislature changed the public intoxication law so that it is no longer a crime to be (peacefully) drunk in public. #3 of our top blogs for college students explains Indiana law regarding crimes of public intoxication and minor consumption, as well as our attorneys' approach to obtaining the best possible result in these cases.

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How could a citation for using a fake ID affect a college student more than an arrest for a drug crime?

As we continue to post our top blogs with information about IN criminal law that college students should know, our #4 explores fake ID offenses, which is a "crime of dishonesty" that can seriously impact a student's employment prospects.

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Best of luck to all of the Purdue students who started a new school year today! During the first week of classes, we're posting our top 5 blogs with information college students should know about Indiana criminal law. Today we're looking at how a roommate's marijuana can result in your arrest – and how our attorneys may be able to use the theory of constructive possession to attack the State's evidence against you.

If you have a legal question about Indiana criminal law or expunging criminal records, feel free to email us at or tweet us at @Gibson_Law. No plans to get arrested, but if you do, Gibson Law Office is here for you.

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When petitioning for specialized driving privileges, it's important to retain an experienced attorney who will help you prepare for the hearing. This could include gathering information regarding your criminal history, employment status, work address, and typical schedule. It could also include paying reinstatement fees or completing a driver safety program prior to the date of the hearing.

Our Lafayette attorneys will walk you through the process as well as the questions you may be asked so you know exactly what to expect when you come to court. Call 765-742-8440 for a free initial consultation for your case in Delphi, Fowler, or Frankfort:

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Convicted of a Class D or Level 6 felony in Lafayette? Indiana law requires you to wait 8 years before you can petition for expungement. However, when clients call our office about expunging these low-level felonies, we will first seek to determine if they are potentially eligible for misdemeanor treatment.

A successful petition for misdemeanor treatment will reduce the felony conviction to a Class A misdemeanor. It will also reduce the waiting period for expungement from 8 years to 5. Call our Lafayette attorneys to find out what options are available in your case:

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