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On saturday I received a mail from Google Play Support saying: 

*REASON FOR SUSPENSION*:Violation of the impersonation or deceptive behavior provisions of the Content Policy.

This is for my app which you can find on github:

I'm guessing that it was suspended because Google doesn't know that Krautreporter gave me permission to use their logo, fonts etc.

I wanted to ask if anyone had to deal with such a case and how to best proof to Google that I have their permission.

Is it enough if they write a letter as .pdf which states that I have the permission?


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Hallo, meine erste App ist seit einer Woche im PlayStore verfügbar. Leider erreichte mich heute die Meldung, dass sie in vielen Ländern (z.B. Spanien, Österreich) nicht verfügbar ist. Online finde ich keine Hilfe, um sie dort verfügbar zu machen. Meine Erwartung war, dass die kostenlose App weltweit verfügbar wird.
Muss ich irgendwie selbst aktiv werden? Danke!

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This is by far the best explanation for P vs. NP and the Computational Complexity Zoo.
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as I mentioned at last Stammtisch, I'm currently building my first app.
This is far from production ready, but I'd like to get some feedback.

I would appreciate all sorts of feedback. Thanks!

Hey, I'd like to join you for the next MeetUp. Is this the place where you post information about the MeetUps? Cheers!

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Hey, I'm just getting started with Android development. I'm using Android Studio for programming and I'm currently working through the official tutorial on
What are, have been, your best resources to learn Android? Book, Screencasts, Tutorials? Thanks!

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In einer Woche Dienstag findet in Berlin das erste Laravel Meetup statt.
Folgende Talks sind bestätigt:

1. Changing Core Behavior in a Clean Way (Franz Liedke)
2. Unit-testing in Laravel 4 (Paulus Esterhazy) 
3. Acceptance Testing und CodeCeption (Matthias Loibl)

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