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K Cummings Pipes
Like Emily Dickinson, I hate housework, love literature, and have an intense interest in theology.
Like Emily Dickinson, I hate housework, love literature, and have an intense interest in theology.

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Genesis 1: probably not the way you heard it in Sunday School.
On Sunday 11 July 2017 at Southwest Central Houston, I preached my first sermon. I am 68 years old; I never thought such a thing would be possible in the fellowship where my husband and I have chosen to worship and served since our university days. I am pub...

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"There ain't a body, be it mouse or man, that ain't made better by a little soup."
Today I'm making soup.  I like to make soup because it's basically just putting a bunch of good stuff into a pot (or a slow cooker) and going away to do whatever one wishes or needs to do.  The bits and pieces will cook, the flavors will meld; soup is like ...

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Bamboo: Symbol of the Upright Scholar
Making a few notes re. my birthday visit a week or so ago to the Museum of Fine Arts Houston with my dear friend since college days. We've been walking through that museum together for almost 50 years. Such a friendship is the best gift! MFAH Emperors Treas...

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Victorian Flower Gems: My Feminist Brooch
  My love of costume
jewelry is well known to my friends. I am blessed to have several pieces that belonged
to my grandmothers and at least one that belonged to a great grandmother. When
I shop an antique store, a pawn shop, or an estate sale, I
always brow...

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N INETEENTH -C ENTURY  G ENDER  S TUDIES   I SSUE  8.1  (SPRING 2012) Charlotte Yonge’s “Goosedom” By  Georgina O’Brien Hill , University of Chester C ...

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Allingham's Old Worn Woman
This painting by Helen Allingham (1848-1926) "Old Worn Woman" reminds me of an illustration in one of Evelyn Whitaker's books or maybe its cover. I need to follow-up. No time just now.  A link to the blog where  I found it from the BWWA facebook group.  htt...

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Sometimes I need a Yia Yia...
from Mrs. Beeton's Everyday Cookery I am not feeling well today and what I really, really want is a huge bowl of Yia Yia's Chicken Soup from my favorite Greek restaurant which closed several years ago when the owners went home to Greece to care for an aging...

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“All human knowledge takes the form of interpretation.”
Walter Benjamin. Clippings from a Google image search screen shot. I have always been an opportunistic reader, reading whatever happened to be at hand. I am also a disciplined reader; give me a list of required reading and I read through it. (Always excepti...

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Dwell in the House... בֵּית ba yith
illumination of Psalm 27 by James S. Freemantle The Psalms of David, William Morrow, 1982 I taught in October 2013  but failed to post my Hebrew word study of   בֵּית  ba yith  which means House, Household, Home, Family, Temple, Palace, Shelter, Stronghold,...
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