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Hasan, your question about Caravaggio's drawing is interesting. He used various techniques, including that of projecting images of his subject matter onto his canvases. He would also manipulate the sunlight source, using mirrors in a dark room, much like a modern photographer. 

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6 nations rugby 2014, what conclusions?
The top European nation's rugby tournament of 2014, known as the 6 Nations Tournament, has just finished, with the final three games being played last Saturday (and I watched all three). With the Rugby World Cup coming up in the autumn of 2015, this is a go...

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Albrecht Dürer, landscapes and portraits
It has been almost 2 months since I posted an article on this blog, so maybe a few regular readers have been wondering what on earth I have been up to. Too much else going on, mainly work, and so insufficient time to write about and find illustrations for s...

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Bracque again
Yes, I have to return to this fantastic restrospective exhibition that has recently closed in Paris of the work of Braque. I may well do so again, such was the density and interest of this show. I mentioned in my previous article on Georges Braque  that his...

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Bracque, an overlooked master
Saying that the painting of Georges Braque is overlooked is perhaps stretching a point. But how many people would recognize his name, not to mention his rightful place in modern painting, alongside Matisse, Cézanne or Picasso? And yet he truly belongs there...

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Fashion, stupidity and the superfluous
I suppose that one could say that the first two are synonymous, to a point.The third being a frequent corollary and companion to both. The reason for raising this topic is a recent short article that I noticed in today's edition of the weekend magazine supp...

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Building stone walls and paving
There is for me something deeply satisfying in the work involved in building stone walls, stone paths and paved areas. Such work, which can be physically demanding on account of the weight and abrasive nature of the items as well as the repetition of tasks,...

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Valloton again
There are so many more paintings (and engravings) that warrant commentary in the Felix Valloton exhibition that is currently showing at the Grand Palais in Paris that I cannot resist going back for a second look. This painter clearly had a solid classical t...

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Felix Valloton, paintings and engravings
I have just visited the major exhibition of paintings and wood engravings
of the Swiss-born (he became French in 1900) artist Felix Valotton (1865-1925),
which is currently showing at the Grand Palais in Paris. It is an impressive
and revealing show and is ...

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Richard Ford's novel Canada
Richard Ford is currently one of North America's most esteemed novelists,
yet his early career as a writer in the late 1970's was so low on the sales
side that he became a teacher, and then a sports writer in order to earn a
living. This experience fuelled ...
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