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Web Development, Systems and Network Hardware and Programming, Software Engineering, Problem-solving, being disruptive when necessary, holding up my end of the conversation.
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Leonardo Bigollo was better known as Leonardo Fibonacci, likely the most important mathematician of the middle ages. History is not certain what "Bigollo" means -- either "traveller" or "good-for-nothing." Fibonacci was the son of a successful Mediterranean merchant, and clearly possessed of a sense of humor; he was also instrumental in introducing the concept of "zero" to western mathematics. As such, the assumed nickname was a perspicacious choice. It is also quite appropriate for me -- although for reasons not nearly as noble.

1) Indignant.  "I can't believe this <outlet> permits this kind of <disparaging comparison> to be printed in its pages!"

2) Jealous.  Can't believe this is getting more attention than my own failed blog or my own brilliant comments, etc.

3) Stalker.  Has a lot of free time to violate the privacy of the enemy blogger or commenter, with the goal of assassinating character, revealing contradictions, or simply infecting others with hate.

4) Pedant.  With a lofty sense of superiority, this troll flings sarcasm and insult as if it were constructive criticism or insightful debate.  Occasionally, this troll doesn't even bother reading the article or comment that is being trolled, and may be interested only in changing the subject.

5) Spambot.  This troll attempts to hijack the article and the comment stream with nonsense; it is usually cut-n-paste gibberish or stock vitriol; often this troll is being paid or otherwise rewarded for such acts of webspace terrorism.

6) Agent-Provocateur.  This troll usually pretends to be something they really aren't to incite any kind of reaction; this troll's input may be in support or in opposition to the original article as long as it is inflammatory; the goal is often to raise the article's visibility, redirect attention elsewhere, or simply take pleasure in being responsible for other's overblown reactions.  Some agent-provocateurs are paid for their efforts or hope to profit from hijacking valuable pubic attention.

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