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V Hack Android Berlin
Celebrating Androids 5th birthday with a fabulous Hackathon
Celebrating Androids 5th birthday with a fabulous Hackathon

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The Google Places API challenge has been extended until 30th of November. If you joined the DevFest & V Hack Andoid Berlin Hackathon Sunday, hacked for GPAC and didn't register your event for the GPAC yet, please do so. And don't forget to tell +V Hack Android Berlin as soon as you did to make sure you use your additional chance to win a Nexus 7 for the local GPAC Berlin.

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//via +V Hack Android 
You did an amazing job. Thanks for hacking & congrats for winning!

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It was a great Hackathon weekend at in London. Many thanks to them for providing the venue and perfect support.
We had a great hacking atmosphere and so many cool hack projects in the end. Have a look at all of them at
Hello, this is London calling. Here are the numbers from the European jury:

1. + V Hack Android Champion: My Home Notifier from France. They win huge Sony device packages, including phones, tablets, Google TV and SmartWatch.

2. Winner of both some Sony and ALCATEL ONE TOUCH devices: wePoker from Belgium.

3. Winner of some ALCATEL ONE TOUCH devices: Food! from Holland.

Category of Accessibility (RNIB): Hap (encouragement prize)

Category of Haptic Immersion: Feel Good

Winners of some more devices: ... TBA

#androidV   #devfest   #gdg #UK  #droidcon   #droidconUK  

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ALCATEL ONE TOUCH is one of the fastest growing manufacturers of Android smartphones and feature phones. +ALCATEL ONE TOUCH produces affordable smartphones to enable a wide audience to speak.

We are very grateful for +ALCATEL ONE TOUCH's support as Global Silver Sponsor to V Hack Android. They have been involved right from the idea phase. Without them surely we could not have set up more than one hackathon. 

Moreover, they provided us with lots of fun new things to play with for every local hackathon nad the final one this weekend. Come by at their stand at Droidcon right now, win a phone and be amazed!


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Sony is the manufacturer of great innovations in the domain of phones. Think about the +Sony Xperia Sola that you can control by hovering with your finger, or with gloves in winter weather.

Their P, U and S devices are renowned because of use of new material, differentiating modern designs, and finally because of regular software updates.

The masterpiece however is the new +Sony Xperia  Internet TV with Google TV , as shown below. Sony is our gloabl silver sponsor and for the final hackathon this weekend they will have a lot of attention for Google TV as a platform and multi-screen Android development. Come and check it out (or their stand here at Droidcon)!

/cc +Sony 

+V Hack Android Berlin 2012 is history now but we'll surely remember this great Hackathon. And we also should keep in mind that without our sponsors the Berlin and the global +V Hack Android Hackathon wouldn't have been/wouldn't be possible.

+ALCATEL ONE TOUCH +ALCATEL ONE TOUCH D  sponsored +V Hack Android on global silver level. The Berlin Hackathon winners were really happy with their prices, several cool 7" ICS Tablets and different phones from +ALCATEL ONE TOUCH D +ALCATEL ONE TOUCH. A big thanks goes out to +ALCATEL ONE TOUCH D +ALCATEL ONE TOUCH.

+Sony Xperia +Sony Xperia ™ - Sony Mobiles also sponsored +V Hack Android on global silver level. The global +V Hack Android  Hackathon in London surely wouldn't be possible without the support from +Sony Xperia +Sony Xperia ™ - Sony Mobiles. We have to say thanks for that. 

We'll keep our fingers crossed that +V Hack Android Berlin winners bring home some more nice prices from the global +V Hack Android Hackathon.

+ImmobilienScout24 was local gold sponsor for +V Hack Android Berlin and supported +DevFest Berlin on platin level. Without +ImmobilienScout24 we would have had problems to finance the +V Hack Android expenses and the winning team wouldn't have got support for their flights to London. Many thanks +ImmobilienScout24 for the support.

+SumUp Deutschland +SumUp was local gold sponsor for +V Hack Android Berlin. Without +SumUp +SumUp Deutschland we would have had real problems to finance the +V Hack Android expenses. Many thanks to +SumUp +SumUp Deutschland for making +V Hack Android  +V Hack Android Berlin possible.

+StartApp was local silver sponsor for +V Hack Android Berlin. Without +StartApp it would have been more difficult to finance the +V Hack Android expenses. Many thanks to +StartApp for making +V Hack Android Berlin +V Hack Android possible and also for the cool giveaways :)

+O'Reilly also sponsored the event with several books as prices. As the parcel service didn't really do it's service the books arrived some day after the Berlin Hackathon finale. Anyway we have to say thanks to +O'Reilly for providing us with very cool books and other giveaways for future events!

Last but not least: without the generous support of +Google +Google Developer Groups and the people behind it, especially +Uttam Tripathi +Phoebe Peronto, +Van Riper, the combined  +V Hack Android Berlin +DevFest Berlin wouldn't have been possible. Many thanks, +Google Developer Groups +Google 

#androidV   #gdg   #devfest #berlin

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Realy nice wrap up of the Genk VHA 
V Hack Android Belgium
- The story behind the hackathon -

#androidV   #BE   #Genk   #devfest   #gdg  

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My talk from +DevFest Berlin on Creating Modern Android UIs is now online.

You can also see the slides here:

#androiddev   #androiddesign  

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As well as my UI talk at +DevFest Berlin , +Marie Schweiz & I stepped in to fill a hole in the schedule and did an impromptu *Live App Redesign*.  You can see how we did in 25mins below and the final result here:

If you like that then check out Android Design in Action:


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//via +V Hack Android 
BOOM indeed! This is of course going to be about Android's 5th birthday, at least we think so. You heard it here first, folks. And while you're at it, check out our related V Hack Android hackathon celebration finals in London from October 26-28th, right after Droidcon and leading up to this event:
Boom! Google announces Android event on October 29th
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