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My cancer time line. I am you all share my FB and/or YouTube channels. My deepest desire is to inspire others with this story and start motivational speaking to encourage mater what your "cancer" is.

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Things here!

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Happenings here
I know I have been very quite on my blog, but I have been updating my FaceBook which you can find here, Along with me getting better, I have decided I must write a follow-up book for this second 1/2 of the whole ...

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Hiding nothing

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Tomorrow marks 9.5 weeks
9.5 weeks since I left home to come to Dallas for my Bone
Marrow Transplant. 9.5 weeks since I have been in my own house. 9.5 weeks since I have seen cuddled Lucy. 9.5 weeks since I have slept in my own bed. 9.5 weeks since I have hung out with my friends. ...

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Not again
I really don't know why I thought this would ever get easier?  I don't know why I thought I could somehow make myself numb to the pain that I can't take away from others.  I feel numb like I have felt too many times before. My stomach swirls with rage and h...

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CancerGirl and Insprational prints in ETSY shop!
I can't believe I am actually knocking stuff off my to-do list! A few things I want y'all to know first: My ETSY shop is back up, but isn't completely stocked (that is coming!) but for now I am going to only sell UNMOUNTED prints. I will show you some super...

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I know I went through a nesting stage when I was big and
pregnant with Ian. About 8 months into pregnancy it hit me like I had just run
into a brick wall…HOLY SH*T life is about to be REALLY different. Of course I had others to talk to about what to do in t...

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Moonshot 2020
I am so excited to have been asked to write this
post about the Cancer Moonshot 2020, to help spread awareness for what is
happening with this exciting program. The Cancer Moonshot represents an
enormous opportunity for rare cancers to get increase attentio...

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The cost of cancer by Amino
With all the talk about needing to find a cure for breast
cancer, the conversation rarely makes its way to a one huge factor other than
saving lives. The cost of treatments. Most people don’t think about this aspect of care until you
are thrown face first i...
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