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Simply put "who cares" not me, I have been a 5 crown player so many times, and I haven't recieved my royalty cheque yet????? Play for fun and let the chips fall where they may, btw do you need my address, id sure like my cheque? ???
Displaying the 5th crown

You probably know that a #rating 10+ results in 1 star displayed, 20+ in 2 stars, ... 60+ in 1 crown, ... 100 in 5 crowns.

It's pretty straightforward, but 100-rated players can perceive it as unfair. When you cannot advance past 100, every time you lose a game, your rating becomes 99 and you don't have that 5th #crown anymore. Even if you just won 5 previous games :-(

A simple solution would be to lower a limit needed for each star or crown, so that 3 stars will mean a rating close to 30 instead of 30+. Then a rating 5+ will result in 1 star displayed, 15+ in 2 stars, ... 95+ in 5 crowns.

So, should we change it? Just +1 one of the comments below. Our next update will take into account the results of this #poll .
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