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My life my Books.
My life my Books.

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Moonmoon Dutta Movies
Even after many years, popular television program 'Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah' has continued to entice viewers with its hilarious characters. But, the only person who seems to be adding a bit of glamour to this daily soap is Munmun Dutta aka 'Babita Ji...

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What are the best books for 8051 microcontroller?
Many of the students out there who already know about 8051 controllers will be surprised to see this book ranked as #1 over the top of Mazidi and Ayala   I will say this is one of the best books to get started with 8051 micro controller. The author Subrata ...

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list of public libraries available in surat
Andrews Library, Chowk Bazar. Parasi Library, Athugar Street, Nanpura. Hindustani Prachar Samiti Pustakalaya, Kongress Bhavan, Soni Falia. Rashtrabhasha Pracharak Mandal, Kapatia Chakla. Vitthalwadi Reading Room. Surat General Hospital Library, Balaji Road....

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Special function registers (SFR) for 8051 microcontrollers
The registration area or special functions (SFR) is between 80H and FFH address the internal memory of the microcontroller. This memory area can not be used as data memory, it is clear that if we write out of control in the memory allocated to a special reg...

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The EBIZ Scam / Ponzi Scheme
The story goes like this... Even I was lured by some of my engg. seniors during first year (2006) for joining EBIZ, they introduced the seminar in a way that "If you come, you gonna benefit". As it was a ragging period, friendship with seniors was a priorit...

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Is eBiz a fraudulent company and brainwashing people through its MLM scheme?
Is eBiz a fraudulent company and brainwashing people through its MLM scheme? YES IT IS NOW ITS NOT A LEGAL PRODUCT. I wouldn't say that it's a fraud company because it does have all the documents to run an mlm company and also it is a registered company by ...

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Why can't we program 8085 using C just like we program 8051?
You can. Whether it is 8085 or 8086 or 8051 the processor only understands machine language. Programming in C or any high level language will need a compiler. Since your development station (your PC where you will be writing the program) is not running on t...

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Microcontrollers: What pins are used to upload a program to a 8051 IC?
You need total four pins of the 8051 (P89V51RD2). viz RESET, TxD, RxD, GND (of course IC should be properly powered). Connect RxD of serial port of computer to TxD of 8051, TxD of serial port of computer to RxD of 8051, DTR of serial port of computer to RST...

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Is c knowledge necessary for 8051?
 This the simplest Microcontroller to start learning C programming on Embedded Systems. But you need not be a master in C. If you know few things like                    Declaration, Assignment, Statements and Decision Making.           Start with simple pr...

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Babita in taarak mehta wikipedia
Babita in taarak mehta wikipedia babita tarak mehta wikipedia
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