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Zbulo! Discover Albania
Discover Albania!
Discover Albania!


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How do delete a Ultradox file, I can't from the GDrive window as there's multiple with the same name and I would need to see the content to make sure I get the right one. From the overview on it's not possible, within the opened file I can neither find an option?

I'm using the Ultradox trigger on a Google form but it links to the wrong Ultradox file, how can I change it to the correct one? Thanks!

I'm using Google Sheets with the Ultradox trigger addon, once I try to open it, the sidebar comes up but it keeps loading indefinitely with only the "loading icon" showing. I already re-installed it and granted all permissions. The issue has been persistent across multiple systems and days. Please advise. :)

In Gmail I added addresses as "send mail as" - can I use those instead of the default one to send email? What are the alternatives?

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Start of the four part Peaks of the Balkans Trail video series.
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Follow Dan & Audrey on their trek in Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro. Interested to come, already preparing for your trip or eager to share your experience - looking forward to hearing from you!
Earlier this year we decided to embark on the Peaks of the Balkans trek, a  200+km/125mile journey through the mountains and across borders of Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro. It was a trek we’ll never forget and we thank +Zbulo! Discover Albania for advising us on this route and coordinating our trip.

Since then, we've been fielding questions like: "What do these countries and this trek actually look and feel like?”

Here's that answer, day by day:
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Peaks of the Balkans - Hiking Beyond Borders on snow!
First trek of the season successfully completed, 35 individual parties ready to sortie out, let's get started! :)

Walking, Hiking and Trekking in Albania, Montenegro and Kosovo
Zbulo! offers guided and self-guided trek in both the Albanian Alps and Southern Albanian hidden valley. Write to for more information.
Snowy Peaks of the Balkans
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Please consider helping Pavlin, Vlora, Era and Tomi in a way possible for you.

There is Fundy campaign under way that you can support by making a donation and sharing it with others, to express your condolences please refer to the FB pages or write them at Please request their bank details if you like to funnel a donation directly to the family.
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Pavlin Polia's family hosts guests in Theth since 1994. After his return from Italy in 2007 he reconstructed the family home and opened a guesthouse that would provide a livelihood to his family and peers as well as a home away from home for many travelers who became close friends. On Tuesday April 14 the house, most of their belongings and car were destroyed by an accidental fire. 

Please share this campaign.
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