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OVER 5000 FOLLOWERS !!! I am really humbled that so many people like to see my pictures..


Here is a new pic from my on going project FISHERS !!

Hope you like it...
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Du solltest dir mal ansehen. Da kannst du zu günstigen Konditionen deine Bilder öffentlich machen und auch vermarkten. Jeder dem ich die Fotos zeige ist begeistert und fragt wer dieser professionelle Fotograph ist. Für Fotos auf Facebook und Google empfehle ich ein Wasserzeichen mit Copyright einzufügen.
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Hippies are getting old !!

Hello my fellow G+er´s !!

As I was shooting the demonstration´s for "Occupy Barcelona" I saw this old Hippie Women and was just amazed how she looked !

I hope you like it !!
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Hallo Torsten, ich habe G+ bisher kaum ernst genommen, aber Deine Fotos sind toll!!
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Good morning G+ers !!

The Lytro camera is out, what do you think ?? Will this change Photography ???
Charanjit Chana originally shared:
Would love to try out a Lytro camera, but the price is a little steep for me. Think I'll wait to see the results from other people's photography before deciding on wether to take the plunge or not... besides, I still need to play around some more with my 3D camera yet and familiarize myself with my DSLR again.
The only camera that captures life in living pictures.Want one too? The Lytro Light Field Camera is here.
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Interesting concept. Would like to test it out, but not sure if I'd want to buy it. 
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Hello G+ers !!

That's Lay. Lay is a fisherman who has fled from Senegal to Spain to find a better future. But now that future is at stake because the fishing boat on which he is working is meant to be sold. He is no illegal immigrant, but as far as he finds not a new job his work permit is on the game and he must leave Spain again or has to live illegally.

Lay is just one of many immigrants in Europe. Any threat for their work, can be end in an expulsion.

They come to Europe to escape from hunger and war. We can never imagine what these people went through. That's why it always makes me pretty mad when I hear people talk badly about people like Lay.

Have a nice day !!

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Thanks a lot +Jean-Marc Gargantiel !!
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Great book by Thomas Leuthard .. and the download is for free.
Thomas Leuthard originally shared:
I have just published my first eBook about Street Photography. Get your free copy here and share it around the world...
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+Thomas Leuthard thanks for this magnificent resource. Thanks for also talking about the non-technical aspects. Just today I had exactly what you describe in your book. I wanted to shoot a man's portrait yet I could not do it covertly (also because of lighting conditions and with that sharpness) but I found myself not "having the balls" to ask if I could take his portrait. I'll be better next time hopefully.
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Hello my fellow G+ers !!

I just wanted to say hello after a long time not writing here. I just recently came back from my vacation with my family.
So, I wish you all a very Happy New Year !!
I will start with a Streetphoto.

Have Fun and a nice Weekend !
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Thanks Gene !!
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Tim Hetherington was an fantastic journalist and photographer, who always tried his best to tell you the story that wasn't being reported. The story about the people who are really affected by war. People like you and me.

This world is a more empty place without Tim. Rest in Peace.
**** originally shared:
New Feature now online: 'The Libya Negs: Tim Hetherington's Last Images'
View the slideshow here:
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Well said - he was an exceptional photographer who went to many dangerous places to find the story. RIP.
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My Dear G+ers,


I am still in awe about this magic kind of work. I just had to share this with you. Maybe this will change your day like mine.

Have a good night !

Please comment on Gregory´s Post !!
So, it is #WomenWednesday !!

I like women with courage.

This was taken on 15. October 2011.
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Good morning G+ers !!

What do you think about it to begin the morning with a laugh?
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I't perfect. Love the image.
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Hello my fellow G+er´s,

after a few weeks of a lot of work I am back. As I came back I just saw that there are a lot of more people following me. So, thanks for following.

The following picture I took a while ago. Here in Barcelona on the famous "Ramblas" are a lot of "Human Statues". I am not sure if I like them or not. Some are great and some crappy, but mostly I find them a bit scary. I tryed to show this in that picture ( Actually the guy himself was very kind ).

So, have a nice evening or what ever you have in the moment on your side of the world.
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Tik Tak originally shared:
Here is a small tip to create clone of Google+ circles. User can create new circle or divide the existing circle to multiple circles.
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