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Anthony J Marinelli
techo geek suburban mystic punk, with dimples
techo geek suburban mystic punk, with dimples

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Playing with Symmetry app 

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It took forever to download, but I am presently updating to iOS 5, wish me luck!

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It's short, but I wrote a little something on my blog, and oh yeah, I have a blog.

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#experiment #writer

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I want to try an experiment. I've seen all sorts of circles / lists for photography and what not but I've not seen any for writers.

I want people to add themselves to this post as writers. The idea behind this experiment is that you guys will share this post with a link back to it. You will turn off comments and send the folks back here. What I want to do is created the larges circle of writers we can. Then each week I plan to share out the circle so that we can each update that circle.

Let's see if us writers are as plentiful and united as the photographers!

If you're a writer respond to this post with "Writer"

[edit] Added #writer [/edit]

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The most beautiful and smartest person on G+:

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Feel free to share...everybody should know...
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