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On Reading Foucault Too Early in the Morning
woke up this morning around three. Played my guitar (new song) for a
while; then picked up my bedside copy of Foucault's Archeology of Knowledge .
This is about the third time I've tried to read it. I finally have got
his rhythm and actually like his ...

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Enjoy seeing one of my former LSU students writing and singing great music

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Last Morning in Panama
Sunrise Sunset The sky is turning a lovely orange-red now in a ribbon above
the hills. Above the orange-red lies a ribbon of blue, and above that the sky fading
into black studded with persistent stars. A rooster crows across the bay.
Howler monkeys were gr...

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Junk Writing
I am still recovering from the Presidential election, devoting time to oppositional activities (see the t-shirt I designed on the left), thus my inactivity on this blog.  Because I am no longer teaching, my eyes have focused on America's political soap oper...

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What Are Your Research Questions?
I have devoted this blog dominantly to pedagogical issues with a clear focus on promoting teaching practices that create positive writing experiences in our classrooms, and consequently, positive attitudes toward writing. Although I seem to be in the minori...

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CNN's Superhero Project
I have been listening for days to CNN commercials applauding
their “superhero” program. I know very little about it. I have only recently
begun to watch TV with some interest, a consequence of the 2016 Presidential
campaign, so what I know about the superhe...

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Teaching as Pain
After my presentation at the 2016 Western States Rhetoric and Literacy Conference ( power poi nt), a well-meaning participant took exception to my claim that students should enjoy learning, and more specifically, learning how to improve their writing. His c...

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Fox in the Henhouse
I would like to get Mr. Trump's head on Renard's body, but you'll get the point. I don't really have anything against Mr. Trump--I think he's an intellectually challenged upper-class narcissist. He loves money and the power it gives him to grab pussy, kind ...

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Post Obama Coversation between Peckham and God
Peckham: (praying) God: Peckham: (praying) God: Peckham: (pra . . . Oh, I get it. It’s taken me a
while but I get it—it’s a joke right? God:

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The TV journalists and pundits are busily ventriloquating their "insights" about how the American people are tired of this campaign, that they just want it over. They are not, however, speaking for me. I do not look forward to seeing this election end. I ha...
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