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If you’re looking for an inspirational story about a Public Health student, we’ve got a good one for you. Thomas Toelstrup is Nashville’s newest Foodborne Disease Outbreak Epidemiologist - a position whenever thought he would land it by the age of 28! And getting his MPH at UNE Online made it possible.
Read all about Thomas and how he turned a love of public health into a positive career move - on the Vision Blog:

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UNE has a new Master of Science in Applied Nutrition (MSAN) program, and Tyler Blankenship is one of our students who is thriving in the program. He says that pursuing his master’s degree online is a great fit for his life as a busy working professional. “I can do school work on my own time,” he explained.
Tyler’s background includes working as a chef at Walt Disney World, as a restaurant nutritionist at Sea World and also in nutrition management at a long term care facility. He’s using his MSAN degree to help take his career to the next level.
Read more about Tyler, and how he’s finding that UNE courses are aligning with his goals - on the Vision Blog:

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Did you know that UNE Online offers individual science prerequisite courses?
Students who enroll in our science prerequisite courses are typically students who wish to enter a health professions program but need one or two courses to fill a gap in their transcript. With a suite of 21 courses to choose from, these online classes can be taken anywhere in the world - and many include an integrated lab component.
From Biology to Physics - with start dates twice a month - read more about how you can register for a course today! On the Vision Blog:

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Discussion forums are a hallmark of asynchronous online courses like those at UNE. In addition to providing a way for students to engage with the content, discussion forums offer an opportunity for student-to-student engagement, adding a social element that is widely considered to be essential to the success of an online learning experience.
UNE Instructional Designers put a lot of thought and invest a significant amount of time in helping instructors engage their “teaching presence” to help focus and deepen the dialogue within courses and to encourage student-to-student and student-to-content engagement.
Read more about the some strategies that our Instructional Design Team recommends, on the Vision Blog:

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Badges, Awards, and other forms of recognition are a great way to see educational quality at a glance. U.S. News & World Report’s rankings condense a great deal of information about the quality of the education at each school they evaluate, making it easier for students to compare the academic quality of schools.
Read more about UNE’s prestigious ranking, on the Vision Blog:

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All of this snow on the Portland Campus is beautiful...

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New blog post - take a peek! Science Prerequisites for Health Professions Courses – What Makes These Courses Unique?

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New blog post - take a peek! Student Spotlight: Tyler Blankenship, MSAN student

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Have a passion for nutrition? So does current Master of Science in Applied Nutrition student, Laura Rosales, RD.
She's had a diverse career that's put her in a unique position as a consultant - and now she's decided to take the next step by getting her Master's degree. Read Laura's story on the Vision Blog:

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Giving someone effective feedback is not only essential in an online course, it's vital in the business world too.
Our in-house instructional designers have created this webinar to address some common issues to teach you how to be a more effective communicator.
And it's FREE to watch! Click the link below.
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