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Michael Burns

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Yes, it's another camera. There are so many excellent choices. The film is Kodak Ektar 100 in the 120 size.
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Michael Burns

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I can not eliminate the Mamiya C3 camera from my use based on these. The 25 million pixel scans from Kodak Portra 160 film have good contrast down to the pixel level, the shutters on these lenses are fast, the camera moves the entire lens for close focus without color fringes, and I have a longer 180mm lens for distant pictures.

My Franka camera is the most fun to own and use, but this heavy duty Mamiya C3 is something I want for close ups and far shots.
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Michael Burns

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Michael Burns

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This was the twilight at Sullivan Field today.
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Michael Burns

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More foundations of biology get discovered now 'a days. ...
Scientists have challenged a long held belief about the way certain species of vertebrates evolved. They found that genes evolve more rapidly in species containing germ plasm. The results came about as they put to the test a novel theory that early developmental events dramatically alter the vertebrate body plan and the way evolution proceeds.
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Michael Burns

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I am so psyched to get my Canon FT back from service by Abilene Camera Repair. I put film in this machine any moment now. (It's still a noise maker!)
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Michael Burns

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I was slow to try this Tou/Five Star zoom lens, 70-200mm f/4.5, but I need not have waited. It's good contrast down to 17 million pixels. The lens was on my Canon FT and it exposed Fujifilm Reala 100 film.

So I have a study here of late afternoon light in a severe Grand Rapids winter.
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Michael Burns

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This was another test of my understanding of the FED-2 camera, and also of incident light metering.

These 17 million pixel scans have good contrast down to the pixel level, as I can show with this 600% blowup - the scale of a 24 feet wide mural.

Credit is due to the Industar-61 lens, Fujifilm 200, and the processing and scans by North Coast Photo.
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Outside critic of academic physics
I have been, since grade school, an avid and very independent student and critic of science, especially the foundations of physics. I am geographically imprinted on Grand Rapids.
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"Hacking Physics" presents my independent review of academic physics. It includes a new way to relate metaphysics to physics, as well as a way to diagram Kaluza-Klein charges.
  • UM, GRCC, GVSU, WMU - all in Michigan
    Mathematics, Physics, 1982
  • West Catholic HS, Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Assumption HS, Winsor, Ontario
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I spend considerable time on criticism of academic physics, and a tutorial on modern physics - 25 sessions on material mainly unknown to academics.
  • CRC Information Systems, Inc
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Grand Rapids, MI USA
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