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A different kind of story
I know I started this
blog to discuss classical music within an artistic, social or political context.
However, I have decided to open this platform as a mean to write whenever I
found something worth of discussion, and given the fact the state of the world...
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Contemporary voices VIII: Media Circus
The problem
is not the intelligence within the screen, but the one outside it. This
aphorism could easily solve one of the most complex issues that modern
philosophy and aesthetics have raised upon the contemporary entertainment
industry, whose machinery is...
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Historical Scenes V: Spirit of the 60’s
The Western
World today is likely experiencing what Nietzsche called “The Twilight of the Gods” or
“Götterdämerung”, itself based on Germanic mythology, itself enshrined on
Richard Wagner’s eponym finale to his gigantic opera cycle The Ring . In this legend...
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Believing in the time of the Heathen IV: A postmodern Christmas?
Christmas has become a postmodern and completely economical celebration
contrary to its original spiritual foundations mostly because of two factors:
the rise of questioning against the Churches and the somewhat devious marketing
and merchandising...
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The Joy of the Dance III: A wartime Quest.
How may
arts boost morale in times of conflict? How much may it actually work? Do arts
or artists face serious compromise on their vision while doing so? As we have
seen last year, WWII was such a total war that demanded complete mobilization
for everyone i...
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Voices of America IV: Morton Gould and the American Song
Morton Gould was one of the most important American
composers of his generation; his fame quickly overshadowed as the avant-garde
movement swept the art music scene in the USA during the 1950’s and 1960’s, and
as the postmodern and postcolonial aesthetics t...
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Contemporary voices VII: Is the sky the limit?
The celestial vault has always being the greatest of
mysteries and aspirations for mankind. In his celebrated and award-winning
prize television documentary Cosmos ,
Carl Sagan (1934-1996) featured an imaginative thought on how the earliest
humans may have ...
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Cosmopolitan Composers VIII: Halloween and Day of the Dead Special
As I was a kid, the European-American celebration of
Halloween was just penetrating popular consciousness in Mexico City, and more
precisely into a country that already had a celebration dealing with the
mysticism of life after death within a pagan-Christia...
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Politically Challenging VI: Eisler’s Deutsche Sinfonie: a hymn against totalitarianism.
Where does music tests its limits against politics?
How much can or should pure art be sacrificed in function of social causes? Should
originality or artistic progress be compromised? I have addressed most of these
concerns while analyzing three of Shostako...
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Cosmopolitan composers VII: The Universe of Peter Maxwell Davies
Maxwell Davies is one of the most frequently played composers in the UK and the
rest of the world. He was born in September 1934 in Salford, Lancashire, and
since a very early age he felt attracted to music. He actually was submitting
compositions to ...
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