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Now on Tap not working with Google Apps accounts? I thought the days of people with Apps accounts being second class citizens were over but it seems that I was wrong.

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Latest build is a bit broken on my N7. The Browser and Visit Website buttons appear above one another in portrait mode. In landscape mode they merge into one another. Don't you guys test this stuff? 

In the Feedly Android app, I occasionally encounter a story that I can't seem to get to, regardless of how hard or vigorously I tap on it. If I long tap on it, the story gets saved to Feedly and I can read it there, but not directly from Feedly. I've tried restarting the app, changing the view and refreshing the feed but nothing helps with these links. If I go to my Feedly account on the web I can click on and read the story just fine. Any suggestions on what I can do?

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Extremely nice veggie quesadilla

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