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“Let’s make 2014 more than just a happy new year – let’s make it a year to achieve some training goals! Setting your training goals now will help you to achieve them in 2014!”
How to plan for success-
• Set small, short-term, easily achievable goals for the first couple of months of the New Year. (“KISS” keep it simple stupid – is a great guideline to follow to make consistent progress. Keeping goals simple will allow you to achieve them quicker, keeping you moving forward and giving you confidence to set higher and more significant goals).
• Be consistent! Consistency is key for conditioning the mind to look forward to your training time! Not only will your mind look forward to working out, but so will your body. Once you set a consistent routine, you’ll look forward to it each and every day! If you’re training hard and coming to class consistently, a day off now and then won’t interfere with your progress; it will be well-earned, and you won’t feel guilty about missing a workout!
• Set medium- & long-term goals for throughout the year - Make your goals fun and rewarding; something you look forward to, something that puts a smile on your face! These goals should be challenging; something you really have to work for, and something that doesn’t come easy to you. This way when you reach your goal, the reward and journey will be worth the trip! It should be like a carpenter who builds a house from blueprints, it starts with an idea and piece by piece, you see the whole come together and at the end you can stand back and see and enjoy all your hard work! 

• Surround yourself w/the right people. Get your coaches, friends and family involved in encouraging you to work on your goals. Being with motivated, fun people (like at Averill’s Martial Arts), will help you to stay motivated and continue to have fun reaching your 2014 goals!
Good luck!

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