Google+ 90 million users - How do you stay current?
I'm testing the quick video feature of Google+ and also checking with you on your opinion: How do you stay current with online marketing and technologies?
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RSS Feeds really help me filter out the garbage. Twitter lists is another way to help me look for the most relevant content I need...that and I check @toprank on Twitter everyday :) I love the Circles on G+. Like Twitter lists, it helps me scrape off the fat and get to the really good stuff/content
I still use my RSS feeds, but I find I'm checking them less frequently, usually once a week to make sure I'm not missing anything while I'm preparing for my podcast. More frequently these days I'm using curated collections: SmartBrief, for example, PRDaily, my daily (which collects links that have been shared by people I follow on Twitter). I also still listen to podcasts, which provide a lot of good information while I'm walking the dog or waiting for a flight (in other words, not when I'm sitting at my desk when I need to be doing client work).
Same here with RSS (G-reader) & curated collections. (Nice use of + video btw). I have been using Summify / Also use Percolate, and may pick up News.Me. I had used Trunkly before they were acquired and shut down. Curated lists are nice, and Summify had it dialed in, too bad they'll be shutting down soon. Hopefully Twitter will revived the service after re-branding.
I usually have a few topics of interest at any given time. Right now for me it's custom analytics reporting, content development across several formats, and tighter social engagement. When these posts pop up, I'm a little more attune. Of course, I follow everyone and group/list/circle best I can for targeted information. I don't use RSS feeds anymore but I miss those days. I'm also focusing on following one new blogger a week and trying to learn one new thing from them. As for filtering out the garbage, I do it on the fly. If it's plausible and makes sense, it gets tested. If it doesn't it gets shelved.
+Lee Odden As some people have already said RSS feeds and customized news apps (Pulse, FlipBoard, et al) in niche content marketing spaces is where most people start from a high level point of view, but then you really have to drill down to quality of posts (is it releveant - +Gary Vaynerchuk 's idea of context), frequency of posts (the F.R.Y. model), and is it something that can be quickly and easily adapted/implemented for one's own industry (best practices).

When you have information overload across multiple channels you start to pick up on common threads and trending topics without needing expensive sentiment analysis software or even free ones (Social Mention) for that matter. Ultimately, you start with your passions, job function/responsibilities, industry insight and trends and work your way backwards.
+Lee Odden Thanks for asking! I'm looking forward to reading your post on Monday. Your blog, of course, is in my RSS feeds. ;-)
Glad to help. I look forward to your post.
About 2 maybe 3years ago I requested via Facebook several of my industry leaders (SEO). People who I respected and read lots of their white papers, people like Will Reynolds, Rand Fishkin, Dave Harry etc. I noted who they interacted with and who they appeared to respect and grew my list from there. That way I am piped right into who the movers are. Many are on G+ as well. You hear things and really can keep really current on a lot of inside info that way.

I also use Google news with filters for "Facebook" "Google" and "Search Engines" as well.