With the help of my Marketing Manager at TopRank, +Ashley Zeckman, we finished the excruciating task of filtering down all the nominees for the 2012 edition of "25 Women Who Rock Social Media" published at Online Marketing Blog.

This is the 3rd year we've published such a list. Here's the list for 2010 which included social media pioneers like: Katie Payne, Charlene Li, +Amy Jo Martin, +Tamar Weinberg, +Mari Smith, +Sarah Evans and many others:

The 2011 list includes social smarties like +Ann Handley, +Francine Hardaway, +Kristie Wells, +Liz Strauss and 21 more women making an impact on the social web:  

There are many amazing accomplishments summed up in the 2012 edition, it's pretty impressive. We'll be publishing it on MarketingBlog.com Monday 10/29. 

Who would you nominate?
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Nice list Lee, thanks, is there a similar list of 25 new social media rock stars 2012? The small description makes the difference, knowing why is important.