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Clementine Hall - 13th Floor Elevators Prints Offer
Dear fans of the 13th Floor Elevators - We present the 13th Floor Elevators commemorative poster and HAND-DRAWN PORTRAITS by Ms. Clementine Hall and hand signed by her! That's right, you can get the 'Elevators poster AND the individual prints that make up t...

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The Story of the Roky CD Club (a Taste)
I have announced on the 13th Floor Elevators / Roky Erickson Facebook Group that I am writing my "Memoirs" of the Roky CD Club. I have been doing that and right now, am at about 29, typed, pages. This is going to be a 40+ page tome when I get finished. When...

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We liked the puppies in this video.

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Phoenix has another serail shooter. Some guy is riding around, mostly in South Phoenix, randomly shooting people from a car. To date, there have been nine shootings and seven deaths. Let's hope they get this guy soon. If this goes on much longer, Phoenicians get a little cray-cray with everybody going around carrying guns and jumpy.

Last year, we had an "I-10 Shooter" who was randomly firing at cars along the highway. It got a little cray-cray with everybody driving around armed to to the teeth. Arizona is the original Open Carry State. The Phoenix Police got a little scared too and rushed an investigation and arrested the WRONG GUY - Leslie Allen Merritt. He was a white boy with his eyes set about a half inch apart on his big, watermelon, head. He had a Facebook page where he expressed his hatred of "Obama" and love for guns. Other than that, he was completely innocent.

After a year in jail, Mr. Merritt has been released and is pretty quiet on Facebook; probably contemplating his tens-of-millions-of dollars lawsuit he's going to file. Anyway, I hope they catch THIS serial shooter soon. What can I say? Another day in Paradise; living the dream.

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Great 13th Floor Elevators Merchandising Rip-Off #2
Here are two more documents in our continuing series of the Great 13th Floor Elevators Rip-Off. These are official documents that show John Ike Walton's ownership of the name; at least through 2015. Be sure to click on each image to see it full sized. Item ...
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