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The Fairy Pools, Isle of Sky, Scotland...

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go CODE!
Superpowers for all the students!

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The full-length overview of  #Ubuntu  tablet 

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excellent performance

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A new study suggests that a little ambient noise--as in a bustling coffee shop or a busy library--can help spark creativity and help us focus. What do you think?

Aid Moubarak ! 

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[When] #Mozilla released the #Firefox browser[, r]eviewers lauded Firefox's speed, size, layout engine, security, and standards support, and web cognoscenti embraced it as their browser of choice. Over time, #Firefox won enough market share to deny Microsoft's Internet Explorer any de facto standard status. In practice, this meant web designers could develop to W3C standards rather than ActiveX and other Microsoft technologies.

In effect, #Firefox secured the web from a dominant and increasingly proprietary IE. Imagine web applications without CSS, AJAX, or HTML5. In large measure, we have Firefox to thank for preserving the open Internet .

#OpenSource   #Linux

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ubuntu 12.10
Annnnnd it's finished ahead of schedule.

With my sister stomping and shouting about the place (she moves out tomorrow) I couldn't labour on the voice over as much as usually do. 

But here it is. The video I will be shamelessly shoving in everyones faces until the next beta...


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Re-share and Circle me for More... +I'm an "Engineer" 

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