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Zope/Plone User Group Malaysia
Gathering Zope and Plone User and Developer in Malaysia
Gathering Zope and Plone User and Developer in Malaysia

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Remember ppl .. there will be a Google Hangout on The Air for deploying #Plone on top of #OpenShift this afternoon, 3PM!!

Follow Inigo Consulting's Google+ page at !!

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There will be a public G+ hangout on deploying Plone on OpenShift .. Do join the hangout!
+Izhar Firdaus will be doing a live walk through of deploying a +Plone  website on +OpenShift  is +Red Hat 's free, auto-scaling Platform as a Service (PaaS) for applications.

Additional Resources:

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Keynote - How It Happened: Stories and Lessons from Inside Zope and Other Projects

Paul Everitt, one of the Zope founders , was CEO of Zope Corp, and also the one of the people behind BFG which later become Pyramid, shares some history of Zope..

Nowadays the main apps which keep driving Zope are basically Plone, ERP5, Zenoss, and Ubuntu's Launchpad .. with Grok and Bluebream as the frameworks for custom apps .. and Pyramid is pretty much the successor of Zope .. while the Zope Component Architecture lives on in many other non-zope, pluggable Python frameworks ..

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Zope is a dinosaur, but its a dinosaur with teeth. Don't walk up do it and start kicking it screaming "Roll over you bastard" or it will eat you. +Lennart Regebro

LOL at this description of Zope. +Zope/Plone User Group Malaysia 

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You can now deploy #Plone on Red Hat's OpenShift platform easily using this template created by +Izhar Firdaus. Check it out. !

p/s: you can create a free account in , this is one great way to try out Plone for your use!!.

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First workshop successfully ran .. more to come ..

any particular suggestions for future workshops? .. or should we do this Grok basics again?
Need to spread more #Zope love around Malaysia ..

1st Grok workshop successfuly ran last Sunday (only 3 geeks attended, but thats a good start) ..

More workshops in the future ..

+Zope/Plone User Group Malaysia 

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Venue and time is confirmed !

Hi guys,

We're planning for a "Getting Started with Grok framework" 1 day workshop on this coming Sunday (15th July 2012) ..

Venue will be at UCTI/APIIT .. We are still confirming on the availability of the venue ..
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