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Live the dream and Make a difference
Live the dream and Make a difference

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Hey Everyone, just a quick update about the Wildweb 
We haven't updated you for a little while as we have been working hard on lots of improvements!

We have almost doubled the number of volunteer projects on our network, now with almost 100 on-board in 34 different countries.

We now feature other types of volunteer projects who are involved in; Ecological work, Community work, Environmental Construction and Research (strictly non-laboratory/non-invasive).

We have also been adding testimonials to most of our projects so that you can read about the experiences of previous volunteers.

We now have a new 'Trip Planning' service, so that those who want a little more help organizing their volunteer trip can receive support from us to plan and organize all aspects of their travel arrangements.

We also wanted to make international volunteering even more accessible to everyone, so we reduced the contribution that we ask for to join our network. Now instead of a monthly subscription you can join for a one off payment of £29.99 for 12 months access to contact any of our projects directly. As you know this enables us to keep improving our network, find more volunteers for our projects and feed the Wildweb team! It also pays for Trees to be planted in the developing world.

So this all means that we have lots of new and exciting volunteer projects, videos, pictures and stories to share with you, so keep your eyes peeled and Thank you for your ongoing support!

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As today is #worldanimalday   we wanted to share with you a short blog post about how YOU can Make a difference to the lives of Animals all over the world.

"At the end of the day, the Animals we share our planet with should be admired and not used for our own Convenience and Entertainment. We should show them Love, Compassion and Respect as we do one another."

#animalday   #worldanimalday2014   #animalconservation   #wildlifeconservation   #vegan   #veganism   #palmoil   #animaltesting   #animalrights   #animalrightsactivists   #conservation   #wildliferescue  

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A lazy afternoon for some Orphaned Vervet Monkeys at one of our Volunteer Projects in South Africa :)

#babymonkeys   #cute   #cuteanimals   #cutebabyanimals   #monkeys   #gapyear   #wildlifeconservation   #volunteeringabroad   #southafricatravel   #southafrica  

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Cuteness Overload!!

Check out these Baby Penguins who were being rehabilitated by one of our Wildlife Projects in Cape town:

#cute   #cuteanimals   #cutebabyanimals   #penguins   #chicks   #wildlifeconservation  

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Did you know that Squirrels use their tails as a signalling device, twitching it when uneasy to alert other squirrels of potential danger!

Picture taken at one of our projects in Minnesota:

#squirrels   #cute   #cuteanimals   #cutebabyanimals   #cutebabysquirrel   #wildlifeconservation  

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Cleaning a Sloth isn't an easy job... But someone's gotta do it!

Picture taken at one of our projects in Costa Rica:

#volunteeringabroad   #wildlifevolunteering   #voluntourism   #gapyear   #costaricatravel   #babysloth   #sloth   #cute   #travel   #southamericatravel  

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For the Adventurous at heart, check out this Amazing Conservation Project in Cambodia. Where you can Live on the Beach, visit different Exotic Islands everyday and Scuba dive with Marine Wildlife. What more could you want from a holiday?

All that and it costs less than rent back home!

Check it out:

#volunteering   #marinediving   #diving   #volunteeringabroad   #cambodia   #travel   #cambodia  
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