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Nepalis after earthquake: please log in to Person Finder to report you're ok or to look for missing ones:

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Good news! YouTube (on the web, not on Android yet), is now localized to a bunch of new languages - just go to the language selector at the bottom of the YouTube page and check it out! The new languages are:  Azərbaycan (az), Armenian - Հայերեն (hy) , Georgian - ქართული (ka) , Kazakh - Қазақ Тілі (kk) , Khmer - ខ្មែរ (km), Kirghiz - Кыргызча (ky), Lao - ລາວ (lo), Macedonian - Македонски (mk), Mongolian - Монгол (mn), Myanmar (Burmese) - ဗမာ (my), Nepali - नेपाली (ne), Punjabi - ਪੰਜਾਬੀ (pa), Sinhala - සිංහල (si), Albanian - Shqip (sq), Uzbek - OʻZbek (uz)

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My new blog post - my observations from interacting with North Koreans.

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Do you want Google to launch Google News in Cambodia? Here's how you can help!

Please help us identify all the news sources in Cambodia (in Khmer, English or any other language), by filling this spreadsheet:

I've entered a few examples to give you a sense of how to do it.

Special instructions:
1) Any news source - big or small, can be included. Even news feeds from companies or ministries. Also blogs, but only those that have more than one contributor (ie not personal blogs).
2) If the news sources is in two languages (eg English and Khmer) - please enter two separate lines with the correct URLs.
3) Can be general news or specific news (eg sports, entertainment, gadgets etc).

I will leave the spreadsheet open for editing until the end of the weekend.

Thank you!

No promises regarding launching News at this point, but we are looking into it!

Launching StreetView in Bhutan... bringing this stunning Himalayan country to the world:;_ylt=AwrBEiTyAElUxz0AAwLQtDMD

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Amazing imagery from StreetView in Cambodia (launched this week) - check it out

Good news for Cambodia: Android users in Cambodia can now buy movies on Play Movies

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Laos Google Streetview Launch event on 23rd July 2014.

A little good news this morning from Gmail: As of today, Gmail is available in a few new languages: Khmer, Lao, Nepali, Sinhala, Azerbaijani, Georgian, Armenian, Mongolian and a few others.

Check it out: go to Settings in Gmail, and change your language.

Please let me know any feedback (best to just comment on this post - I will be looking closely).

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