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The small cremello shetland mare trots into the ring, her black colt is right behind her.  The black colt is so small and fluffy, and he watches the crowd cautiously
"Well here's something you don't see every day!  This black shetland colt is for auction!  Not the mare, only the colt.  You may get him after he is weaned!  Let's start the bidding at...40 Hoofbeats!"

Name:  ~CCS~ Dark ShadowMajestic Beauty white peacock
Peacock is a very beautiful bird. It has a very
enchanting and attractive look. Due to its
beauty this bird look heavenly and different
from all others. of
beautiful peacocks including white peacocks
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#BirdPhotography #wildlifephotography
#wildphotographer #wildlife 
عرض عناصر أقل

Nickname:  Shadow
Gender:  Colt
Breed:  Shetland Pony
Color:  Black
Markings:  White Star
Age:  A few hours
Height:  5.00
Dam/Sire:  Angel and Crow
Meaning of Name:  Envelop in shadow; cast a shadow over.

Etc.:  He is super cute and will be a driving horse and halter horse and stud when older.
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