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Jason Derulo collaborates with Snoop Lion
Jason Derulo's next single will feature Snoop Lion. The 'Trumpets' star, who will release his new album 'Talk Dirty' later
this year, has revealed he was the ''most excited'' he's ever been when
recording a song during his time in the studio with the rapp...

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Rendering #1: Snoop Lion's parenting fail
This Daily Mail article (link above) addresses recent photos which show
Snoop Lion (formerly Snoop Dogg), smoking a bong with his 18 year old
son, Corde. The general tone of this article and any subsequent
discussion I've come across is incredibly negati...

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About Ellen DeGeneres
Beloved television icon and entertainment pioneer, Ellen DeGeneres'
distinctive comic voice has resonated with audiences from her first
stand-up comedy appearances through her work today on television, in
film and in the literary world. Ellen DeGeneres h...

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Ellen DeGeneres is the most visible gay or lesbian public figure in America
More than anyone else, Ellen DeGeneres is the face of LGBT America. Still. That’s the verdict of two new Pew Research
Center surveys, one of the general U.S. population and the other of
LGBT Americans specifically. Not only was the comedian and television...

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Nemo and chips? Tropical fish are fleeing warming waters and heading to the poles
Fish are acutely aware of sea temperature; it’s one of the key
reasons particular species of fish live where they do. As the oceans
warm however, many tropical species are moving towards cooler climes. So
might the traditional cod and chips one day be re...

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Nemo isn’t the only transgender fish in the sea
Out to burst the bubble of Disney enthusiasts everywhere comes the
revelation that Flounder of the Little Mermaid might have been an
XX-male fish.  It’s not just Nemo who is deceiving you!  Then again, the fish named Flounder in the cartoon has no real re...

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Panda power
Scepticism about charity starts to give way to generosity THE feeding frenzy for the pandas comes at nightfall. People furtively approach them, pouring bags of old clothes down their gullets. By day, the trucks arrive to clean the bears out, leaving them em...

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General Awareness for SBI PO Exam Set 2
Q1. Equity Market has been divided into two parts 1.Money Market and Secondary Market 2.Primary Market and Secondary Market 3.Primary Market and Capital market 4.Capital market and Money Market Q2. A Company making a Public issue of Securities has to file a...
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