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CRM 2016 Web API Retrieve Metadata of the entity sample
function GetEntityMetaData() {
var entityType = "Account";
var metaDataId = getMetaDataIdByName(entityType);
var schemaNames = getAttributeList(metaDataId);
function getAttributeList(metaDataId) {
var attributesList;

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Retrieve Team Members using RetrieveMultipleRequest
As we know that CRM Sdk  deprecated   RetrieveMembersTeamRequest message ( So there is only way to retrieve Team Members using  RetrieveMultipleRequest . and here is the method for the same. It works f...

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CRM 2013/2015 Using addCustomFilter() VS addCustomView()
We all have known that in CRM 2013 we can filter the lookup field using easier method compared to CRM 2011, that is using addCustomFilter() combined with addPreSearch() function. This is one of the example how to use it, to filter contact based on email tha...

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CRM 2011/2013/2015 Javascript: Get Logged in User Full Name
function getUserFullName() {
var serverUrl = getCrmServerUrl();
var userRequest = GetRequestObject();"GET", serverUrl + "/SystemUserSet(guid'" + Xrm.Page.context.getUserId() + "')?$select=FullName", false);

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How to Analyze the Performance of Dynamics CRM
The  Performance Tool  offers a simple and efficient method to analyze (and improve) the performance of Microsoft Dynamics CRM online and on premise environments. You do need to have CRM 2013 SP1(or above) or 2015. It can be used on both forms and views. Th...

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How to Close a Form in CRM 2013 using javascript
With reference to CRM 2013 SDK, following is the code snippet to close the form. Xrm.Page.ui.close(); Please note the following important points. "The HTML Window.close method is suppressed. To close a form window you must use this method. If there are any ...

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Loading dependent jscript libraries in ribbon button’s execution CRM 2013
I have a ribbon button on my “Quote” main grid . I am calling function “sayHello” which is in my web resource “Quote_ribbon ” by defining custom action like below. quote_ribbon ” FunctionName=”sayHello”> Now the problem is, I need to call another method fro...

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Report Parameter Error(the value expression for the query parameter refers to non-existing report parameter . letters in the names of parameters must use the correct case)
 I use the @Region in the dataset query, then modify the parameter name from Region to region, then modify the @Region to @region in the dataset query. When we render the report, it throws an error message that “The Value expression for the query  parameter...

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Principal user is missing prvReadComplexControl privilege
Recently we have upgraded CRM 2011 to CRM 2013 and we were getting generic errors "Insufficient permissions" when we open few entity forms in CRM On debugging after switching on CRM trace logs we have found that the user is missing some privilages. Below is...
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