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wowow!!!!!! you are really sexi! xxxxx
Thank you I'm studying to be a dental assistant 
I will be internship should take no longer then 4months
ur boobs is alos gud sexy
You look pretty young but very pretty 
you know talk dirty and sext stuff like that
Nothing chilling and doing my homework at the art class.And what you did on Thanksgiving?
Dalé Boriqua! Feelin the eyes and u motivate me 2 go H.A.M. in the gym.
Sooo cute n sexxxxy,girl!!! Ur boyfriend should be so happy to be with you.
What would do if he was not??? Lol
Sorry,just kidding!!! I didnt mean anything.
Wish i was in your no joke you look good ma..
Maybe we have the same age, I'll be working too.And you are so beautiful ! 
Heeeey, Taisha!!!!!! Whaaaats goin on????;-)
Atemberaubend schön und ein Gamerküken? Hot!
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