'Lair Love'...  withstanding the weight of fear. More #SurrealFashion from the Paris workshop with +Trey Ratcliff :D Shot during in the dungeon of the Chateau de Champlatreux, with a tiger from Paris's Natural History Museum!

This was the piece I began editing in class with Trey. It was funny because I was playing with my pictures whilst Trey demoed HDR; he remarked on it and then I made it my subsequent demo piece. I knew it was an overly ambitious concept and I didn't know whether it would work. The painterly synergy of golden fur on golden dress sustained my motivation. With the encouragement of him and the class (including +Tom Anderson/MySpaceTom who was on the workshop!) I became increasingly enamoured with the fear symbolism of the tiger and the bizarre comfort with which the staunch female character 'loves the lair'.

Model - Sophie Bergeret, hairstylist - Virginie Barrault-Guignard, make-up - Jennifer Guernier. Styling direction and all-round help on set - Matt Lennard.
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