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'Lair Love'...  withstanding the weight of fear. More #SurrealFashion from the Paris workshop with +Trey Ratcliff :D Shot during in the dungeon of the Chateau de Champlatreux, with a tiger from Paris's Natural History Museum!

This was the piece I began editing in class with Trey. It was funny because I was playing with my pictures whilst Trey demoed HDR; he remarked on it and then I made it my subsequent demo piece. I knew it was an overly ambitious concept and I didn't know whether it would work. The painterly synergy of golden fur on golden dress sustained my motivation. With the encouragement of him and the class (including +Tom Anderson/MySpaceTom who was on the workshop!) I became increasingly enamoured with the fear symbolism of the tiger and the bizarre comfort with which the staunch female character 'loves the lair'.

Model - Sophie Bergeret, hairstylist - Virginie Barrault-Guignard, make-up - Jennifer Guernier. Styling direction and all-round help on set - Matt Lennard.
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amazing shot! it was great watching you edit this live +Miss Aniela It inspired me so much! how many more hours did you take to "finish it" ?
omg, for a scary moment there i thought Google+ has started its own flickr-type awards group...
+David Stoddart  most prominently, changing the window from the large zoomed-in portion of windowsill to a zoomed-out window instead (to show more of the bars and enhance the dungeon narrative); also changing her face, because the original was too blurred/soft. This changed her expression from somewhat fiesty down to dreamy which I was happy with. Overall I did lots more tweaks here and there, Curves adjustments, redoing the subtle lens flare and then all into the oven at gas mark 5...
Sounds good to me and obviousley paid off! It makes sense once its explained in fine detail like that, thanks. Its that deep deep thinking that i need to master. I've learnt from Paris that it pays off to work for a long time on 1 core shot rather than trying to process several ok shots. Was also sharing derelict locations with Matthew on the course so if you ever get back into that give me a shout and we can give you both a tour of some amazing burnt out locations. 
Yes, definitely. I am generally used to working on 'the one piece' from a shoot, back from my exclusively-self-portraiture days. But nowadays, when processing images from a more fashion-esque shoot, I find it interesting to see how what could potentially be a series of shots (ie. a fashion story) can be rolled into one piece - hence part of the reason why i was drawn to doing a Surreal Fashion series.
One thing i did say during the workshop was that the location was almost 'surreal enough' in a lot of shots that warranted not having to do too much in the way of wild additions. But whilst it could work beautifully well in simple shots just like I've seen, I also have discovered since the workshop that a lot of shots I took can indeed have a surreal addition - it just needs the right one in the right way.
As for going UrbExing together - yes I'm well up for that!!
The angel wings around the window... Happy coincidence?
+Miss Aniela 
It hadn't clicked that you changed her face, but now you say it, I remember the previous expression!
Great observation on the wing shaped window, Garen!!
And I can't wait to see that other shot of Hélène on the doorway that you considered incorporating 'that other element' (I don't want to spoil it!!) to it! I'm curious to see what you've settled on! (though I quite liked the idea of relating it to creases on the dress)
superb advice Natalie, thanks a lot. and yes you're right, that location lent itself to surrealism so much, an incredible find. As I'm sure your schedule is busier than mine, let me know when you and matthew have a free weekend, give me a shout and we can give you an urbexers tour of essex :)
As we say in Scotland; Pure Awesome :) Need to get myself round to some of the local museums and galleries so I can try out some of your surreal exciting new photographic world for me!
It looks absolutely stunning.... and dreamy. That tiger is going to leave one hell of a hickey.
great work +Miss Aniela , wish I could have made the workshop, looks like you had a great time... hope the video is out soon :-)
what is she sopost to be 
she say  he kills her please!
Are there a series miss Aniela? Saw similar pic but diff pose, so amazing, love it!
I love it! This is a mind blowing photo for me!
You use colour so well! Im learning but spectacular!=:) 
i see a women with tenderness can conquer violence
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