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My review of last year, and here is a montage of my favourite #SurrealFashion images all shot in 2013.
It's been a beautiful, adventurous and also painful year, but the most enlightenment came from the challenges.
Read at
Happy new year to you all! 
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So beautiful, vivid and captivating keep the beautiful work up...I simply

love your work of art...

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Miss Aniela

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'The Fisherman's Daughter'' ...Surreal Fashion, photo fused with two paintings, 'Still Life with Golden Bream'  by Francisco de Goya (circa 1808-1812) and the stormy sea is from a Marcus Larson painting from 1852. Shot at Master Shipwright's House during a summer London Fashion Shoot Experience.

Model: Rosa Hamersma / Dress: Malgorzata Dudek / Ring: Mirabelle / Headdress & wrist piece: from stylist / Stylist: Minna Attala / Hair: Oscar Alexander Lundberg / Make-up: Rhiannon Chalmers / Stylist’s assistant: Claudia Walder / My assistants: Tom Mazgai, Ian Mears & Aneil Sharma
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Miss Aniela

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Catching up on G+ with my recent burst of Surreal Fashion work... 'VICTORY VOYAGE'. From our recent London shoot at Master Shipwright's House styled with a dreamy nautical theme. A misty beach on the Big Sur, CA comes all the way to the old Master Shipwright's House in London... and the lightbulb on its semi-stripped walls sets like a sun into clouds taken from a 1859 painting by Marcus Larsson.

Shot in the upstairs room which has semi-stripped walls. Matthew recently bought us a fog machine so we gave that a few blasts and it worked well with this scene.  I loved it in camera, and wanted to do something surreal in processing but not kill it. The styling and mood here do remind me a lot of the Narnia tales that I love...

I tried many things before I settled on those beach pics which I've wanted to use for ages! They're from an incredible ten minutes of fog that landed on the shoreline as we were driving past so we had to stop and shoot. Overall the result is very muted, very sombre, even in camera it looked desaturated, almost monochrome. Very different from an explosion of colour I have coming a bit later..! 

Credits - tons for this... 
Model: Sorcha Piotrowski / Dress: Malgorzata Dudek / Headdress: House of Halos / Tulle & Organza skirts: National Theatre / Bracelets: Crystal Evolution / Ring: Culietta / Necklace: Mirabelle / Shoes: Stylist’s own / Stylist: Minna Attala / Hair: Oscar Alexander Lundberg / Make-up: Rhiannon Chalmers / Stylist’s assistant: Claudia Walder / Photographer's assistants: Matt Lennard, Adrian Farr & Tom Mazgai 
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Love your work +Miss Aniela 
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Miss Aniela

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Excited to show this - best shoot ever! Get a fun 5-min peek into our New York Fashion Shoot Experience in a Hamptons mansion, from earlier this year, styled by Leonid Gurevich. You will see an array of highly impressive images taken by other photographers who joined us! 

Also, you will see details of our LA Fashion Shoot Experience taking place 20th, 21st and 22nd Sep 2013 in a Hollywood mansion only film budgets can dream of. It will be our biggest yet, with the return of our trusted genius stylist Leonid, 6 models, and your chance to take your own creative slice of a powerhouse production. More details and moodboard at

Thanks to [Framed] Show for this reel, this is just a slither of what you will get to see on our [FRAMED] episodes airing online in Aug/Sep. Special thanks to Gunslinger for allowing us to use their track. Full team credits at end of video. Enjoy!
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Fantastic :)
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Have her in circles
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Miss Aniela

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Excited & very proud to share a new video of our big shoot in LA a few weeks back! (Be sure to watch in HD with volume up!) What you see is the amazing styling of Leonid Gurevich, who brilliantly took on the challenge of dressing 6 models in wild sci-fi style... the video features images made by a selection of photographers on the shoot, including myself. The location was a six-storey 'Titanic' mansion in the hills of Bel Air. Special shout-out to our sponsors Nikon, Priolite and Lupolux Photo.

Filmed by Frank Carrino, with assistance from Merrilyn Romen & DeviFilmsProd, which I edited to produce what you see. Too many people to thank for making this wonderful two day production come alive... full team credits at the end of the video. Enjoy! 

Join our next shoot, styled with opulent elegance in a storybook dream location in New York next May:
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Miss Aniela

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'SCARLET SONG'... a woman towering impossibly high and bleeding the boundary between photo and painting... a new oriental themed Surreal Fashion with a dramatic dress (really that huge) by Leonid Gurevich.
Shot on LA Fashion Shoot Experience in Bel Air last month and transposed onto a Big Sur coastline shot last year... the boat is from two hundred years ago...from the painting 'Ships in a Fresh Breeze' by Hermanus Koekkoek, whilst the sky is embellished with an image shot in our garden yesterday.

When we were planning our LA shoot I asked Leonid the stylist over Skype whether he happened to be pulling anything red... he said 'yes!' and showed me a sketch of this red dress he had just exhibited, and that it was coming to LA for us! It was used in the looks on Sunday much to the delight of everyone shooting that day. It was teamed with metal accessories, shoulder pieces and a spiked muzzle, bringing the motifs of our futuristic shoot together with the romantic magnificence of the dress. 

Shot with Priolite flash (MBX500) 
Shot on Nikon D800E with 24-70mm lens

I spent a long time playing with dying seamen from Théodore Géricault's painting 'The Raft of the Medusa'; fusing them with the red dress as if they were reaching out of the fabric... after a while I made the decision to get rid. Instead I settled on a bloodlined wave of water.

See behind the scenes on this blog post!

Credits: Model: Connie Roudier, Wunder Management / Styling & dress by Leonid Gurevich / Hair: Jeffrey Fetzer / Makeup: Heiddis Ros Reynisdottir / Shoulder piece: Nikita Karizma / Muzzle: Satori Breonn / Bracelets: Clara Kasavina / Metal bracelet: Gasoline Glamour / Rings: Shiang, Clara Kasavina & Gasoline Glamour / Stylist assistants: Marina Gurevich, Alexandra Estrada, Yesenia Correa / My assistants: Matt Lennard & Tim Matthews
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that look good but it beging on March 31,2014
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Miss Aniela

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A stunning image
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Miss Aniela

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'MELCHIOR'S MEDLEY'... One of my favourite crazy outfits styled by Leonid during our NY shoot earlier this year. A strange visual melody came about with a trio of painted birds... all from three different 17th-century paintings of Melchior d'Hondecoeter. The end style reminded me of an old painting advertisement and in that respect a little different from my others in this Surreal Fashion series. Most importantly I had fun making it, as always!

Model: Latrishe at KB1111 Models / Stylist: Leonid Gurevich / Dress: Von Vonni / Bobbin top: Kristin Costa / Turquoise necklace: Kilame design by Pamela Quinzi / Red necklace and necklace on head: Clara Kasavina / Hair: Numi Empire / Make-up: Nadine Vendryes / Stylist's assistants: Marina Gurevich, Michelle Ortega / My assistant: Brent McCombs /
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Fabulous image +Miss Aniela 
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Miss Aniela

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'PORTRAIT WITH PIGEON & POULTRY'... new Surreal Fashion from our latest shoot in London. My series fuses the old and the new. This featuring paintings of 17th-century Dutch artist Melchior d' Hondecoeter - the bird on the shoulder is from 'A cockerel, hens and pigeon by a wall' and the chicken on the collar is from 'The poultry yard', both circa 1636-1695.

This is a taster for a story I have upcoming in Hedonist Magazine, in which there are two brand new Surreal Fashion images also featuring this model Natalia. In one she is a bewitching collector of stuffed butterflies and in the other she is at sea, lost in a painting with only Melchior de Hondecoeter's birds for company...

This is flash-lit by Priolite (our latest new sponsor) and will be part of an upcoming short video about a simple but effective lighting technique we used at this shoot.

We have the last couple of spots for our next London shoot on 27/28 July, where Minna, the stylist for this picture, will create an awesome mermaid-esque vibe with 5 models at Master Shipwright's House. Details at After that we're gearing up for our next big adventure in LA, 20th & 21st Sep 


Model: Natalia Doktor / Stylist: Minna Attala / Dress: Busardi / Collar: Della Reed Velvet Eccentric / Silk neck ruff / National Theatre Costume Archive / Headpiece: Clea Broad / Hair: Tati Zarubova / Make-up: Monica Storrs / Stylist’s assistant: Becky Smith / Photographer's assistants: Ian Mears & Tim Matthews
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Simply gorgeous - which is actually a contradiction. But you know what I mean.
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