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The first talk of the semester is on Thursday at 5:00pm in GS701. The topic is first-class functions, the language is Javascript. The talk is aimed at people who know what functions are, but don't know why you would make a function that took a function as an argument.

2012 ACM ICPC will be underway tomorrow morning at 8AM. There are currently 20 teams and 54 participants. 

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Don't forget to check out for the latest talks and events. ACM meets every Friday in Gould Simpson 701 from 5PM-6PM.

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ACM is sponsoring a talk on graph theory by +Katie Cunningham this Monday, March 26th at 6PM in Gould-Simpson 701. It would be a great supplement to the current class material if you are taking CSC 345.

If you're interested in the speaker, then check out Katie's research with Professor Kobourov on Lombardi graph visualizations at

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Hey guys, don't forget!
WiCS member +Katie Cunningham is giving a short talk on basic graph theory and related research in graph vizualization at tonight's +University of Arizona ACM meeting. It's entitled "Fame and Fortune* Through Graph Theory". Come by GS 701 at 6pm to catch it!

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Monday's talk has been changed!

It's a survival trait! (Justin Van Horne)

Stripe is hosting a 6-level capture the flag competition and we want to show you how to get to level 6! It's up to you to solve the last problem, but we will walk you the first five. We'll explain and demonstrate buffer overflows, stack smashing, shellcode, regex exploits, and more.

A supplement to the vim talk: all of the modes of vim and the transitions between them.

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The LISTSERV demon has been put to rest after 26 years.
Join the Google Group if you want digests or just want to actually post to the group!

February 20th Lightning Talks

Spring Programming Competition (+Justin Van Horne)

It's time to decide how we're structuring the competition this semester. We'll spend the next few weeks going over the problem or problems as well as funding, location, and so on.

Vim: like typing, but faster (+Chas Leichner)

Rise up, hacker! Cast off the chains of your IDE! An introduction to vim for high speed text editing.

Inotify: the better dnotify (+Justin Van Horne)

Inotify is a Linux kernel subsystem that provides a mechanism for monitoring file system events. Never again will you have to poll files or directories for changes. Justin will demonstrate the C API as well as the equivalent Python API.
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