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Mom, Student, Survivor
Mom, Student, Survivor

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For Jake
Drew and I attended the funeral of a friend this morning.
Although, I should clarify: neither of us had seen or spoken to this friend in
years. Probably more than 7-8 years. We sat in the far back dark corner. We knew many faces there. But we chose to remai...

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Happy Mother's Day!!
First of all, thank you SO much to ALL the mothers in the
world! You are all true heroes! There’s something incredibly
beautiful, brave, and selfless about being a mother, no matter how you became
one, and whether or not your children are Earth side or not....

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Happy National Sibling's Day!!
It's National Siblings Day!! So guess what y'all?? That's right, I'm talking about my siblings today!! And they're going to hate me for it! First of all, I'm the WORST sibling ever. I'm flaky, unreliable, and even though we're all basically adults, I'm stil...

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I want to talk about marriage. Not just my marriage
(although obviously a lot about mine, since that’s my most personal reference.) I want to talk about the struggles, the evolutions, the
comforts, the sacrifices, and even a few tips. Bare with me, and sit ...

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Quitting Coffee and Finding Nipple Hair. My Life is Over.
Since I've been attempting to shift the blog for a long time now, I decided today would be as good as any to start. And start I will! Disclaimer: you're either going to love this in a "spit your coffee and laugh til your sides hurt" or you're going to hate ...

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Who Is Liz?
Who is Liz? Well, that sounds like a "Who the hell is she anyway?" type questions, which makes me giggle. But really, who am I?  How many hats do I wear? What's my life (read all past blog posts and you'll know!) I'm sitting at work today, and I open my Not...

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Human Trafficking Awareness Month
We're coming up on the last day of Human Trafficking Awareness Month, and my 27th birthday is in 11 days! With the two being so close in time, it's left me thought about the wonder and irony. How amazing that I can not only celebrate the month of awareness ...

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Selfies & Self Love
Let’s talk: Seflies! This isn’t going to be another conversation about how we’re
a “selfie-obsessed-culture” and how we NEED.TO.STOP!!! Nope. LET’S CELEBRATE SELFIES!!!!  If you’re not liking where this convo is headed, peace out
now, because it’s only goin...

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The Big Move!
Ahh! So much time has passed, so much has happened!! I’ve gone back in forth for over a year on changing the blog
and redirecting it towards my current life.   As I lay in bed last night, I realized that what my original intention
of the blog has really nev...

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    When I was in the life, I was arrested twice
(technically once according a certain someone) and the
first time was pretty traumatic really.   Back then (2004), there were no active anti-sex trafficking
organizations coming in and swooping up victims of ...
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