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Mikael Roos
Databaser och webbapplikationer. Utveckling och undervisning.
Databaser och webbapplikationer. Utveckling och undervisning.


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Idag öppnar anmälan till höstens utbildningar. Sugen på att bli webbprogrammerare?
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Handledning i dbwebb-kurser
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Funderat på att byta karriär/arbetsplats och börja jobba med undervisning inom webbprogrammering på campus och distans?

Här är din möjlighet att jobba med undervisning på dbwebb-kurser vid BTH:
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Updates to CImage, now v0.7.7

v0.7.7 (2015-10-21) -------------------------------------

* One can now add a HTTP header for Cache-Control in the config file, #109.
* Added hook in img,php before CImage is called, #123.
* Added configuration for default jpeg quality and png compression in the config file, #107. 
* Strip comments and whitespace in imgs.php, #115.
* Bundle imgs.php did not have the correct mode.
* Adding option &status to get an overview of the installed on configured utilities, #116.
* Bug, all files saved as png-files, when not saving as specific file. 
* Removed saving filename extension for alias images.
* Added option to decide if resample or resize when copying images internally. `&no-resample` makes resize, instead of resample as is default.
* Verbose now correctly states if transparent color is detected.
* Compare-tool now supports 6 images.
* Added option for dark background in the compare-tool.
* Removed that source png-files, containing less than 255 colors, is always saved as palette images since this migth depend on processing of the image.
* Adding save-as as part of the generated cache filename, #121.
* Add extra fields to json-response, #114.
* Add header for Content-Length, #111.
* Add check for postprocessing tools in path in `webroot/check_system.php`, #104.

v0.7.6 (2015-10-18) -------------------------------------

* Adding testpage for dummy images `webroot/test/test_issue101-dummy.php`.
* Adding width and height when creating dummy image.

v0.7.5 (2015-10-18) -------------------------------------

* Adding feature for creating dummy images `src=dummy`, #101.
* Add png compression to generated cache filename, fix #103.
* Removed file prefix from storing images in cache, breaking filenamestructure for cache images.
* Code cleaning in `CImage.php`.
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Minor update to Cimage and img.php.

v0.7.4 (2015-09-15) -------------------------------------

* Add CAsciiArt.php to composer for autoloading, fix #102.
* Generate filename with filters, does not work on Windows, fix #100.
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Minor fix to allow spaces in remote filename, fix #98.
Now throws exception when curl fails to download remote image.
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Corrections and feature release of CImage and img.php as v0.7.1. Some issues fixed and a few new features together with code quality improvements and usage of build tools.


Issues dealt with:

Support for password hashes using text, md5 and hash, fix #77.
Using CWhitelist for checking hotlinking to images, fix #88.
Added mode for test which enables logging verbose mode to file, fix #97.
Improved codestyle and added phpcs.xml to start using phpcs to check code style, fix #95.
Adding composer.json for publishing on packagist.
Add permalink to setup for comparing images with webroot/compare/compare.php, fix #92.
Allow space in filename by using urlencode() and allow space as valid filenam character. fix #91.
Support redirections for remote images, fix #87, fix #90.
Improving usage of Travis and Scrutinizer.
Naming cache-file using md5 for remote images, fix #86.
Loading images without depending on filename extension, fix #85.
Adding unittest with phpunit #84, fix #13
Adding support for whitelist of remote hostnames, #84
Adding phpdoc, fix #48.
Adding travis, fix #15.
Adding scrutinizer, fix #57.
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