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Its been a while but we had the next AFMBE session at the weekend for my son and 2 nephews.

The group continued trying to rescue the survivors from the high school gymnasium building by using the school bus to try and draw the undead away from the building. This more or less worked but there was some terrible driving rolls and not all the Z's took the bait. The bad tolls continued with the bus stalling after running through some undead, 2 greanade launcher shots latter and a forced changr of driver got the going after sone nail bitting rounds with the gap between tge undead getting smaller.

They decided to approach the school an hour or so later on foot crosd country from the main road out If town via some fields and woods. They noticed some strange bovine activity in the next field and a lot of dead animals. When they got into the woods they realised for the first time that there was no bird song and daw mutilated birds on forest floor.

My son's guardsman failed the notice and feel down a small depresdion into a stream, landing feet away from an undead. The group realised this needed a silent kill but it took all three of the to accomplish it.

Getting to the edge of the woods behind the school they could see only 4 undead at the rear of the gym building so they decided to use a flare gun to distract them and then sneak up and extractvthe survivors. Again bad rolls but it more or less did the trick with 3 falling for it but it was decided they were still too close to risk the noise. It was decided for one character to act as bait andblure them through the woods.

Worked a treat, the other two ran towards the last undead and bayoneted him with onky a little noise. They decided to try and "quietly" shout through the door that it was the police whilst knocking, however tge response was not the expected "we"re saved" but was more groans and banging!!!

Being new players they scarpered with panic whivh was great. Eventually meeting back up on the road they decided to keep tge school

Third AFMBE session with my family saw a new gamer join us, my friends seven year old. Thought he just wanted to watch but he joined in under joint play with his dad.

After surviving the hospital run the group rested up in the jail, witnessed the undead attacking something in an alleyway but decided it wasn't their fight.

Thry made radio contact with the survivers in the school gym building but then lost contact during a storm. They also witnessed a car crash victim rise up during the storm and join the undead.

The two cops, guardsman and the gang member decided to head to the school the next day in the two police cars. Scouting in two groups the guardsman and one cop worked there way to the rear of the school to discover over 50 undead outside the gym. Meanwhile the other cop who was still carrying a leg wound from the friendly fire incident in episode one decided to check some school buses for keys to transport the people in the gym. He found some and then heard someone outside who sounded like they were dragging something and decided to hide in the seat well of the first bus seats by the steps. The undead rad haired sports jock couldn"t get on the school bus because of the sports bag he was carrying so the cop decided to club him with his shotgun but failed to fell him. The Z stuggled with the shotgun and the cop managed to lose his grip then trying to grab it back fumbled and was nearly bitten.

The gang banger coming to his aid with his knife stabbed the Z in the back and then tried to pull him from his former captor who had dedcided to use his "Get out of jail" role to dodge the Zombies bite by falling over the steps and knocking him backwards.

The Zombie ended up on top of the gang banger who managed to stab him in the head!!

This was the new boys first into to Roleplaying and according to his dad has never stopped talking about it all weekend, wanting to know what will happen next and when we will next play. Great.

My 14 year old nephew has been pestering his mum to ask me to let him join our gaming group which includes his older brother. We have a mixed age group from myself in late forties to early twenties and includes a married couple of 2 of my other nephews.

I decided to run a couple of sessions of AFMBE for my 7 yeard old son, the 14 year old and got his 24 year old brother to join who has taken part in my AFMBE campaign already.

We have had two sessions which have had some really great Undead encounters, friendly fire and car chases. The younger ones took to the rules really well and we had some good roleplaying instead of just killing everything.

It was so rewarding seeing the 14 year old switch from video games to tabletop gaming and enjoying it so much and whist it was difficult pitching for spread of ages but well worth it seeing my son and his family having so much fun around the table.

Just wanted to share.
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