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Death By Chocolate has layers upon layers.... like nougat, caramel,, I'm not going to let up on the chocolate analogies. In all seriousness, there is more than meets the eye in this #YA  serial. Enjoy the behind the scenes explanations from author +Johanna Pitcairn.

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A bite of chocolate takes Julie far from the creepy cave and goo monster. But where the heck is she now?

After having another dream about her old friend Kara, Julie wakes up in what she first thinks is a Mexican prison. But the lack of modern conveniences makes her wonder which century Mexico it is. She has a bad feeling about this...

Enjoy the mysterious journey with Julie in Death by Chocolate a #paranormal   #YA  serial at +Curiosity Quills Press.

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Take a behind the scenes look at the dream world of Death by Chocolate by +Johanna Pitcairn.

There are so many question to be answered. Is any of this real? Are those chocolates laced with drugs? Is it all a dream? Why is her old best friend bubbling up in her subconscious?

Enjoy an extra taste with the Behind the Scenes series of posts.

#dreams   #dreamworld  

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The questions mount in the mysterious, dream-like #youngadult   #serial  Death by Chocolate by +Johanna Pitcairn.

Julie battles and defeats a goo monster with her old best friend Kara's voice echoing in her head, and all Evan does is call her "difficult." It dawns on her that she may simply be on a bad trip from drug laced chocolates, but then why does the dart in her arm feel so real?

Join the fun #fantasy  trip with Death by Chocolate, available free every week from +Curiosity Quills Press.

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+Johanna Pitcairn takes us behind the scenes of Chapter Two of Death By Chocolate. Find out what inspired Evan's supernatural glow and what Johanna used to write Death By Chocolate!

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Julie is stuck in a bat-infested cave with a hot guy who glows orange, can read her mind, and peeks at her while she's bathing. Yes, that first bite of chocolate led her pretty far from home.

So where will the next bite lead....?

Enjoy the latest taste of +Death by Chocolate a dream-like #urbanfantasy   available as free #serialfiction  from Curiosity Quills press.

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Chapter 3 of Death by Chocolate is out you guys!!


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What did you dream about last night? 

Ever had a dream within a dream? Or a dream within a dream within a dream?

If you're into interpreting  #dreams  or eating #chocolate , you'll enjoy +Johanna Pitcairn's behind the scenes accounts of Death by Chocolate, the free #fantasy  serial from +Curiosity Quills Press
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