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ITS Simply Clean - Johannesburg

Mould and mildew can become a problem in any home, especially rooms where there is a lot of moisture such as the bathroom or the kitchen. ITS Simply Clean are the leading supplier of Karcher cleaning equipment such as steam cleaners.

These steam cleaners will blast away dirt and mould in a few seconds, leaving all your surfaces squeaky clean.

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If removing stains is the aim of the game you cannot go wrong with a Karcher spray extraction cleaner. ITS-Africa are proud distributors of Karcher products such as spray extraction cleaners, carpet cleaners, high pressure washers and much more.

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The Dulevo Street Sweeper 2000 Sky

The Dulevo Street Sweeper 200 Sky is the perfect solution to clean congested areas or areas that are restricted to pedestrians, lanes that are reserved for parking or cycling lanes. This amazing machine is manoeuvrable and compact while still maintain efficient cleaning.

The revolutionary design of the street sweeper means that the machine is ready to clean in any environment. The Dulevo 2000 Sky features huge scale pneumatics, a raised drive chamber and a unique suspension which means it can overcome any tasks that would be rather quite difficult. This street sweeper also has a minimal impact on the environment due to the reduced water consumption and vastly improved noise control.

The Benefits of Karcher Steam Cleaners.

Steam cleaning is fast becoming a popular method of cleaning because it is the most environmentally friendly method, due to the fact that there are no chemicals, it’s easy and it’s hygienic.

ITS-Africa are proud stockists of Karcher steam cleaners. Karcher are one of the leading brands of cleaning equipment in the world. Here are some advantages of using a Karcher Steam Cleaner.

1) Non-toxic
2) Child and pet friendly
3) Blasts away mould
4) It is cheap
5) It is easy on your allergies

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The new Classic range with combustion engine can be used where there is no access to a power supply. This makes it the ideal solution for construction, industry and agriculture.

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ITS Simply Clean can provide comprehensive cleaning solutions for your business today. What are you waiting for?

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ITS Simply Clean, as a leading cleaning equipment supply company, have had vast experience in many aspects of this diverse market, supplying high pressure cleaners, vacuum cleaners, scrubbers, sweepers, mopping equipment, brushware, chemicals and many other such items to the industry. Our Car Wash Division has been involved in the installation of literally hundreds of systems for oil companies, car dealerships and privately run concerns around South Africa, and our equipment is renowned for its reliability and value for money.

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