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Rachel Sawyer
A broken mess who loves Jesus and the life He has given her.
A broken mess who loves Jesus and the life He has given her.


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To love like them . . . .
These ladies are the most precious of givers to everyone around them. They quietly and deliberately serve - all the time. Serving is not a job to them, it is a way of life. I want to love like them. There are people on this earth that have the "it" factor w...

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#forAFry and FRESH EYES
For what seemed like forever I was in a desert place. It was rocky, dry and sometimes I felt swallowed up by hopelessness. I struggled on so many levels and many of the things I had loved vigorously, my God given passions, seemed to have vaporized like drop...

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Confessions of tweenage missionaries
Jon and I are in our mid 40's but in our lives as missionaries, we are about to turn 12. So for all practical purposes, we are tweenage missionaries (shake head and nod in agreement). We've been around the "missionary circut" long enough to have been overco...

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The Invitation
We all get one, the invitation, but it is not always received. Sometimes we miss it. Sometimes we think that we were left off of the list, purposefully or forgotten. Sometimes it sits in a pile of things, waiting to be opened and responded to, but it is alw...

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Man holes without covers
We didn't even see it coming though we were accustomed to swerving to avoid them. In the case of months of prolonged rain, an unexpected placement on a side street and high grass growing in the gravel along the street, this one was completely obscured from ...

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Rats, ticks & other fun stuff
If you've been following along, you already know about   ALL THE RAIN and the flooding in the D.R. While we have had a little bit of sun here and there in the last week, EVERYTHING remains saturated. We've already talked about the mold . Mold is old news. (...

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Gracious Tempest: When a song reaches in and massages your heart
I love it when a song touches your heart in a way that you feel like it was meant for you in that moment . . . when words are bent so beautifully and poignantly that they reach in and massage your heart. I ran across this song the other day and it TOTALLY B...

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A moldy situation
When you don't blink twice about baking the ants in your cake mix and then serving said cake to your friends, When things like, "Oh look, a _______ (rat, tarantula, mouse, etc. - pick one or insert your own normally horrifying creature)," roll off your to...

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When Comfort Dies
Have you ever reached for something to hold onto or to hold you in place  . . . . As if you so desperately needed that something to keep you from floating away, to tether you to this life? Ya, me too. While I know that as a believer in Jesus Christ, there i...

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The power of "NOT"
The drip, drip, drip, drip, drip of a relentless stream of water from the sky has worn a blister in the pit of my stomach, like the rub of a not-quite-right shoe in the same place. Isn't it funny how something so small can make such a big commotion? Especia...
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