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I am constantly receiving inappropriate spam from this group. How can we get to stop? Otherwise I need to leave the group. 

I am still waiting for the new google sites to show up in my g suite at school. We were not an early adopter, but I thought I would see it show up soon. Is there something that I need to request from my tech department to get it up and running? Or am I just being impatient and it will show up soon? 

I have a teacher looking for a way to share movies with her students so that they can watch the movies at home. Is there a service out there that does this? It can be subscription based. Something like Audible or Netflix, but with movies that date back to 1940's. Any ideas?

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Curious to know what people think of Google Cast

I thought I read somewhere that you can draw in Google keep for the iPad. I can't find any info about this and also can't find that feature anywhere in the actual app. Anyone know? Thanks!

I have a teacher who would like to change the font/text color while she is in suggesting mode and making corrections in a google document.  She says the suggested edits always come up green and would like to choose another color.  Is there a way to do this? 

I am hoping that someone has a solution to this.... A few History teachers at my school are seeking a way to have students do in-class writing assignments, that are similar to formal tests, that would keep the students locked into a screen while taking the assessment. (They don't want the students to be able to go on the internet and use other applications.) Are there any tools that can add on to google docs? Create a log of when and where the students were during the writing time? Anything else that would solve this issue? TIA.

I would like to share some Google+ communities with each of the departments in my school.  Can anyone recommend any Google+ communities with a focus on technology for teachers of middle and high school English, Math, Science, History, Languages, PE, Fine Arts, Performing Arts and Health?

Looking for help with finding a Google Spreadsheet add-on that is similar to the "show summary of responses" function , but can do a summary/report for selections of the data rather than the entire sheet of data.

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